NEW! Health and Wellness Menus

It’s the year of health and wellness. Which is why have added gluten free, vegan, and loads of superfoods to our simple style drop off menus. Superfoods can sometimes be a scary concept. Some might think this means eating a bowl full of spinach or not enjoying some of our favorite foods like desserts or breads. But we have created a few new menu items that incorporate healthy qualities we’ll bet you don’t even notice! Gluten Free options have also been a huge request as well as being able to offer vegan conscious people something more enjoyable than a salad. Shawn Doolin, our Creative Culinary Director, did some research in the gluten free and vegan world and came up with a few items that we think you are all going to love.

Gluten Free

“If I can eat gluten, then why should I avoid it?” Great question, so glad you asked! Incorporating more gluten free meals into your daily diet can help improve cholesterol levels, promote digestive health and increase energy levels. And we all know there is nothing worse than feeling exhausted after lunch knowing you still have 5 hours left of work to accomplish. That’s why we felt it was important to bring you more gluten free options that would help energize your work days and keep a clear mind throughout the day. The egg strata with layers of fluffy eggs and a variety of sautéed veggies is the perfect hot breakfast option for starting your morning meetings out strong. We also think that the frittata tray is perfect for offering a variety of gluten free breakfast snacks. Pair the tray with some of our special Entertaining Company coffee blend and we can almost guarantee your employees will be fueled for an extremely productive day. Our boxed lunch menu got a few great additions as well. Our wraps are prepared in corn tortillas. We have added a Falafel Wrap a Four-Layer Power Sandwich, don’t worry avocado is not extra, and a few pasta salads all made with gluten free noodles. We also now offer baked vegetable chips in place of our house made kettle chips. Lastly, we ask you to think outside the boxed lunch and consider a bowl instead. Our Global Bowl Boxes are superfood packed in the best possible way. Layers of quinoa, sweet potatoes, shaved brussel sprouts and avocado to name a few. Choose your grilled meat to add or don’t add any meat at all. Every seasoning is low in salt or completely salt free avoiding high levels of sodium in the middle of your work day. We are hoping that these adjustments with make ordering in gluten free breakfast and lunches for your office easier than ever!


Salads are great and all, but it’s time we offer your vegan conscious friends a larger variety. The Veggie Superfood Bowl is the first menu item that comes to our vegan minds. It is packed with all the freshest vegetables, including toasted spiced chickpeas, Moroccan spiced sweet potatoes, quinoa, shaved kale dried cranberries and maple tahini dressing. Want the bowl with no dressing? Just ask! The Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich is another delicious vegan lunch option. Layers of quinoa, mixed greens, chopped dates, scallions and almonds for an added texture. WARNING it’s extremely cravable. There is also a Vegan Breakfast Burrito that does not disappoint. Tofu scramble, spinach and a tomato tadka sauce wrapped in a corn tortilla. You are welcome!

Every item that is newly added to our drop off menus are clearly indicated so don’t be afraid to try something new. If you aren’t seeing a certain item that you always order, let us know. We are still a custom caterer and are more than happy to accommodate any of your needs. We also offer the option to make some of the items allergy sensitive like our breakfast pastries and desserts. All orders still must be submitted 48 hours in advance and we guarantee deliveries within a 1 hour window making sure your drop off meals are fresh!