Traditional Meals with Modern Style

Celebrate the “story of life” throughout the year with our modern Jewish catering services. Our cultural approach to Jewish foods is traditional—with a twist. We create elevated, custom menus that speak to our clientele of bold, innovative trend-setters. We aim to honor and retain the symbolism of classic foods and flavors while also elevating dishes for the modern family. Here at EC, we have a unique understanding of the food traditions and stories behind a lifetime of Jewish celebrations and gatherings. Our multigenerational style includes kid-friendly options, as well as gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan alternatives for any holiday.

Plant-Forward Modern Jewish Food

At Entertaining Company, we know our clients want the best in food and beverage. We recognize the growing demand for plant-based options, especially among millennials. Because our Jewish food already leans toward the Sephardic or Mediterranean end of the geographical spectrum, so much of it is already vegetable-based. We also create modern interpretations that retain the symbolic traditions of classic foods. For example, instead of Bubbe’s traditional onion brisket, the younger members of the family may tend toward a seitan-based brisket smothered in the mixture of onions and garlic. Both our traditional and vegan Jewish food maintain the EC standard of flavorful, healthful and clean eating.


These eight days of Hanukkah are filled with quality family time, celebratory rites and rituals, We celebrate the rededication of the Temple of Jerusalem and the miracle of the lasting oil with a multigenerational menu with options for everyone. From Bubbe’s classic braised brisket and potato kugel to kid-friendly applesauce and jelly-filled doughnuts. We can also help families celebrate the Festival of Lights with a menu of lighter, more modern fare. Cauliflower latkes and beet hummus add unexpected veggies to your holiday meal, and gluten-free bread and crackers keep the cheeseboard accessible to all.


Passover (or Pesach) is both a commemoration of the Exodus, as well as a celebration of the start of spring. The Passover Seder kicks off the celebration. Traditionally, Jewish families gather around the dinner table for good red wine, shared stories from generations past and, of course, unleavened bread. We provide the customary house-made matzoh crackers and matzoh ball soup, as well as modern flavor variations such as beet falafel and herb-mint tzatziki.


In hopes for a sweet and fruitful future, we highlight dishes featuring honey, apples and other fruits for Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. While classic kugels and strawberry cheese blintzes are Bubbe-approved entrees, we also like to include light, plant-based options for families looking for a twist on tradition. An apple Waldorf salad and vegan apple fritters dusted with spiced sugar honor the symbolism in a new and innovative way.

Other Special Jewish Celebrations

We can create totally custom menus for nearly any Jewish family gathering, from post-bris breakfast to mitzvahs to weddings—even Purim and shivas. Our catering staff has a unique awareness and specific understanding of Jewish culture and ceremony and is available for both staffed and drop-off parties throughout the Chicagoland area.

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