Accessibility and excellence—drop-off catering by Entertaining Company is unlike your typical restaurant delivery. Our culinary standards for quality, style and creativity are just as high for drop-off orders as they are for seated formal dinners and staffed parties. Allow our simple, easy-to-read drop-off menu to guide your order, be it a morning meeting, business lunch or late afternoon reception. To ensure our food looks as beautiful as we know it tastes, we offer on-site concierge set-up—let us unpack and unwrap everything for you! We’ll bring you disposable trays, garnished on theme, and all the serveware you’ll need for a picture-perfect party. No additional preparation needed. What could be simpler than that? Easy setup, impeccable service and a taste of some of Chicago’s best catered food.

Breakfast Delivery

Give the whole office a morning pick-me-up with a bright and early breakfast delivery! What better way to welcome folks to the first meeting of the day? Our breakfast tray menu is perfect for large groups—we can help arrange bagel, frittata, croissant trays and more buffet-style, for ease of access. Add a few classic hot breakfast items like pancakes and french toast to make everyone feel extra-special. Psst! Big office with lots of potential dietary restrictions and allergies? We’re an inclusive caterer—order vegan burritos, gluten-free stratas and other specialty items just in case.

Boxed Lunch Catering

All the convenience of the classic schoolkid lunchbox, none of the plain, white bread, crust-off sandwiches. Our boxed lunch catering options are a complete lunch, all composed in one box. In classic EC-style, we’ve elevated the concept. Choose from superfood salads and hearty “bowls” with protein options ranging from tandoori chicken to seasoned tofu to Brazilian grilled steak. While boxed lunches may be perfect for small to medium groups with individual orders, a sandwich or hot buffet would be perfect for bigger crowds or groups from whom you don’t have individual orders. Each guest can put together a meal from the sandwich, entree and side options. And, of course, dessert.

Cocktail Party Finger Food Catering

Treat employees, coworkers and office visitors to something extra at the reception, with finger food catering by yours truly. Bite-sized delights are truly a specialty of ours, and our creativity knows no bounds when it comes to a cocktail party menu. We’ve shrunken some flavor-packed, global dishes like chicken and beef empanadas, veggie samosas, Asian spring wraps and coconut shrimp. Apps can be paired with light, small sandwiches stuffed with seasonal produce, proteins and zesty housemade spreads. And no reception is complete without a bountiful board of cheese and charcuterie—ours are always crowd-pleasers!

Commitment to Green Drop-Off Catering

All drop-off orders include tree-free napkins, compostable flatware, plates, bowls and coffee cups and recyclable serving pieces and beverage glasses. As part of our green catering program, we are committed to using post-consumer recycled materials whenever possible. Entertaining Company stocks a range of additional disposable options for your casual entertaining.

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