BBQ-Style Backyard Catering for Memorial Day

Brush the snow off the Weber, haul out the patio chairs and shake the the chill from your winterworn bones—summer has (un)officially begun! Memorial Day marks the end of May, and – boy – it’s been a rainy one. The only way to celebrate the imminent sunshine and summer temps is an outdoor party—and probably your first of the year. Instead of spending your weekend food prepping, and spending the party toiling over the hot grill, kick back and relax. Our backyard catering will cover it all: cooking, serving, bartending, clean-up. Or, we’ll just drop it, set it up and dash! Whatever floats your party boat. Here’s our Memorial Day catering rundown.

The Big Bash

For some, the first outdoor party of the year is the biggest and boldest, welcoming the season with all the stops. This calls for a staffed event. Greet guests at the garden gate with an ice-cold beer or a fruity custom cocktail. Red and blue drinks fit the theme—Blue Curaçao, an orange liqueur can brightly color and flavor any liquor-based cocktail. As your guests mix and mingle, waitstaff can pass around hors d’oeuvres like short rib wagyu meatballs, gluten-free jalapeño cheddar poppers, spicy mac and cheese balls, and chocolate-covered potato chips—all-American apps with a twist. Our onsite chefs will fire up the grill wherever you want and char Kobe beef patties and Kosher hot dogs to perfection. Party on.

Let’s say you want to skip the service. In its place, you want a simple self-serve barbecue buffet. Well, you’re in luck—we do delivery like no one else in the city. Our drop-off menus have a range of buffet mains that fit the occasion perfectly, like beef barbecue short ribs and pesto-garlic grilled flank steak. Plus elevated veg-friendly options such as our crowd favorite eggplant napoleon. We’ve got all the fixins and sides, too, though it might be fun to incorporate one or two homemade dishes—your famous mac and cheese, Grandma’s classic potato salad, etc. Another perk of a food drop-off is your choice in serveware. We’ve got options! Including a completely compostable set for an eco-friendly backyard party.

Memorial Day Menu Ideas

imported cheeses, marinated artichokes, mushrooms, salami

spinach, tomatoes, asparagus, and zucchini

red cabbage, fennel, jicama,
apple coriander vinaigrette

buttermilk-battered chicken, honey mustard pipette

cornbread crouton
raspberry-pear preserves

chive whipped potatoes, sautéed carrots, wild field greens with tomatoes, cucumbers, Bermuda onion and oregano vinaigrette