Backyard Barbeques to Black Tie Galas, there is always a reason to celebrate. The possibilities are endless in the “social” celebration spectrum, really allowing us to embrace our alwafull-timeal “no-boundaries” roots and design a one-of-a-kind party for you and your guests that will be so….you. Our approach to event and menu design showcases and borrows “best of” influences from traditional to trend, simple to exotic — in food, drink, décor and setting.

Beyond our chefs creating deliciously fresh cuisine, we believe that our guests “eat with their eyes”. To satisfy them, EC offers some unique features.  We travel the world collecting artful one-of-a-kind tabletop pieces that we then offer to our guests for creative food presentations. We have a full-time stylist that works with our sales consultants to make sure that everything from the menu and staff uniforms, to cocktail napkins, mixology, tabletop décor, passing tray garnish, and signage is attractive to the eye and seamlessly intentional.

For our clients hosting social events, our team is constantly scouting out new venues and fresh concepts. Call us to see how our current inspirations are fueling culinary and mixology event concepts for your next celebration:

Food + Fashion

Cubs at Wrigley



The Art Scene

Exotic Travel

Eye on India

Multi-Cultural Chicago

Mideastern Travel

Clean Eating

World Barbecue

Tiki World

Pop Culture

Simple Living

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