Plant-Based Recipes to Reset Your Palate

Feeling the Post Labor Day blues? We get it. And we’re right there with you. We enjoyed every stone fruit – cold cocktail – breezy evening – campfire circle – lazy afternoon – river swim that this summer offered, and we’re sad to see it go.

 The good news? We’re sliding into Virgo Season, and with it comes health, healing, refocus, and delicious new flavors. Full disclosure: this writer is a Virgo, and lives for September. Read on! 

In the spirit of rejuvenation, and a clean palate, we rounded up some spicy, tangy, plant-based recipes with a global lens. This Fall, we’re thinking about eating responsibly, frugally, and healthfully – to be our best selves – and of course, resetting our palate after all of those barbecues, boozy cocktails, and sun-drenched summer afternoons. 

A few blogs and culinary destinations below. We love these content creators for their clean flavors, plant-based recipes and fab photography.

Vegan Miam

Think: vegan recipes inspired by travel

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Taiwanese mushroom soup? Miso harissa delicata with edamame dill rice? These recipes are tangy and global, with unexpected twists you’d expect to find scribbled in a traveler’s notebook, but rarely find online. We dig it.

The First Mess

Think: beautiful vegan and whole food recipes with mouth-watering photos to boot.

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The First Mess has an insane index of recipes and the photos are stop-and-stare beautiful. With this blog, we’re feeling inspired to shop local, and eat a lotttt more cruciferous greens.

Woon Heng, via The FeedFeed

Think: Vietnamese delicacies, Asian bowls, and heaps of spicy greens to put a tingle down your spine.

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We love heaps and heaps of greens, vegetables and spicy, make ya sweat broths. Woon Heng is a new resource we love for veggie bowls, and quick afternoon snacks (the kind you’d get when jumping out of your jeep in Thailand).

Jill Fergus

Think: Instagram heaven, nutritious and tangy bowls, plates and desserts.

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Feedtheswimmers’ recipes are a world unto themselves. We get lost in these deep emerald pool of soups, salads, curries and veggie laden dishes which we know will have us feeling top notch for fall. Two thumbs way up.