Good food fosters good conversation, bright ideas and a renewed sense of camaraderie with those around you. We believe business events are special occasions in their own right and deserve special attention paid to atmosphere, setting, food, decor and flow. This is where our Entertaining Company culinary team thrives! For casual luncheons, business meetings with visitors, all-company galas and everything in between, we create a sense of fun and excitement in a setting appropriate for conducting business among colleagues and professionals. We personalize each and every party, ensuring all components are a perfect fit for your particular company. Our well-trained staff are courteous and professional, and our custom menus are inclusive of all dietary needs.


One of the coolest parts of corporate culture? The awesome events! Whether you’re hosting or attending, you know the food and drink can make or break a company party. Here at EC, we’re proud to say our corporate event catering is second to none. We’ve been hosting large groups—think guest counts in the thousands—for nearly 20 years. We treat every event as if it’s our own party. Our trained staff is highly professional, courteous and friendly, and our sales team and operations staff have perfected kitchen timing: passed hors d’oeuvres go out hot (or chilled, if needed), all food is plated on-site by our chefs, and the food flows perfectly in time with the party. We excel at formal dinners and galas, themed holiday parties for offices big and small, company anniversaries, philanthropic fundraisers and more!



Conferences call for top-notch, brain-food catering! Whether it’s an all-day affair or just a few hours of lunching and learning, your conference needs food and drink! For morning meetings, coffee, tea and fresh orange juice are must-haves. Our breakfast conference menu combines classics like egg sandwiches and fresh pastries with healthy choices such as yogurt and fruit. Our hot lunch buffet options appeal to a globally-minded audience with Italian pastas, Mexican fajitas, Asian stir-fries and more. We’ve even included both fresh and packaged snacks for those conference breakout sessions. Ending the day with a bang? We can offer waiter passed apps and a sit-down dinner for your attendees. Check out the whole conference catering menu here!


Nothing brightens up a midday slump like a good, hearty lunch—we love the classics just as much as our modern gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan dishes. It doesn’t have to be dainty hors d’oeuvres and fancy lamb burgers—it can be as cool and casual as a salad and sandwich buffet, a couple of side dish options, and a warm cup of coffee. Lunches are also super customizable and perfect for groups with various dietary restrictions, allergies or palates. Buffets are extra-convenient for big team meetings, lunch-and-learns and panels or talks. We’ve got gluten-free steak salads, vegan superfood bowls, vegetarian falafel wraps and more! Plus, an office lunch is a simple way to demonstrate employee appreciation. We also have “lunchboxes,” which include a main, a small side and a dessert—easy peasy!


For a morning meeting, consider a bountiful buffet of house-made breads, pastries, quiches, cookies and parfaits. Our egg bar and yogurt bar options offer your office a healthier start to the day, too. Elevate any casual office gathering with beautifully-plated, filling fuel. Our over-the-top cheese boards and charcuterie displays are dazzlingly abundant—imported and domestic cheeses, assorted meats, crackers and flatbreads prepared from scratch, fresh herb bundles, olives and cornichons, mustards, chutneys and more.

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