Best Honeymoon Destinations for Foodies

Planning a honeymoon? How about considering prime destinations for foodies? Think Fiji, Gordes, Vietnam. Our clients truly run the gamut with their getaways and never cease to amaze us with their honeymoon choices. Three-month backpacking treks around the globe, safaris, and hot air balloon rides, Airbnb stays in the hills of Puglia.

The only thing uniting their trips? Good eats! And so, with you in mind, we’ve put together some of the best honeymoon destinations for foodies — with quick trips (for those taking an interim honeymoon) and extravagant locations (do it if you can!). 

The spots below come vetted from friends of the EC family who know their eats, and love to share. We hope you’ve saved up your airline miles. 


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Dallas was recently named Bon Appetit’s “Restaurant City of the Year” and has a smattering of super specialized destinations featuring eccentric details and ethnic dishes, trademarked by their chefs and creators. This Texas town is moving away from big box and into small, niche which we much prefer. Check out Khao Noodle Shop and Petra and The Beast — a roadside adventure into fermentation, pasta, and butchery, so weird and tasty it made it into America’s Top 50. Truth be told, we like any excuse to embrace our Americana, so dust out the cowboy boots, hit the honkey tonk, and hit up all the strange and totally unique destinations Dallas has to offer. 


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Ortygia is in Sicily and is mythic in its beauty and history, mentioned in Greek myths and poems for centuries. The name originates from the Greek for “quail” and on this coastal town, you will see all sorts of lovely wildlife. 

Ortygia is also home to a number of humble and delicious bistros and restaurants you’d only ever find in a centuries-old Italian fishing village. Check out Macalle Bistrot and Sicilia in Tavola – two honeymoon destinations from J + R (who brought this writer back a mason jar of local herb fish seasonings from this heavenly place, and can verify that the flavors are delish). 


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Montreal is a reaaaal crowd pleaser when it comes to dining. I received recommendations from a few people on this city, and have included the restaurants which got the buzziest responses. Check out Damas, Joe Beef & sister restaurant Liverpool House, Maison Publique, and L’Express before cozying up in front of the fire. Winter is coming, and so is your long weekend.

Tel Aviv

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Tel Aviv provides a real fusion of cuisine, with a recent emphasis on Asian flavors and a bumping vegan scene (this is actually one of the most vegan-friendly cities on the planet!). Perfect for adventure seekers, Tel Aviv has a killer street food scene and is overflowing with fresh, local ingredients which grow freely in its fertile, warm climate. Check out this list of not to be missed vegan spots.


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Tokyo! The most Michelin starred city in the world, and home to some of the most elegant, cheap and delicious food we could ever slurp down. Naples-style pizza at Seirinkan, the freshest sushi, rice bowls and back alley cocktails – you name it, this city has it. A simple blog post could never do it justice, but check out these lists of the can’t miss spots for your Japanese adventure via Eater; The Infatuation; Timeout.


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Milwaukee is rising — at the top of Airbnb’s list of cities experiencing rapid growth in international visitors. From breweries to bloody mary’s to hyper local restaurants playing with Midwestern traditions, Milwaukee is full of surprises. So if you’re looking for a quickie weekend, pack your bags after the big day and rent yourself a banging Airbnb in this up and coming hotspot. It’s on our list of places to hit this winter. A few places to recommend here.