Layers of Fall

Fall is all about layers. From food to fashion, it’s no secret that we are excited to make the change into a new season. We are ready to start incorporating warm spices into our dishes, create new recipes with fresh fall produce and layer on all the most cravable textures. As we have stated before, inspiration for us comes from all over. Always being around food makes us see food in just about anything. Especially fashion. Looking at this year’s Fall trends we notice a lot of beautiful neutral tones with a pop of vibrant colors. And our fall dishes are embodying all of these traits in the best possible way.

For example, our Roman Gnocchi. A popular vegetarian entrée we serve, but it’s even more perfect for our upcoming fall events. Warm and comforting, layers of various textures and a beautiful pop of color. See, food really does reflect trending fashion!

Another Fall favorite is squash. Squash is sort of like the giant blanket scarves we all love wearing. Goes with everything, the perfect accessory, and fall outfits aren’t complete without it! It’s a seasonally fresh produce we can’t wait to start working with again. From salads, to warm soups or sweet purees, autumn squash is making it’s way onto almost every plate.

Lastly, what is a fall dish without a little spice? Dashes of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger or fennel to name a few. These flavors are the perfect finishing touches to any Autumn inspired menu. Although spices aren’t reflected too well in the fashion industry, it has become a large trend in our kitchen this time of year. We love taking a break from our computers and walking into the kitchen smelling all the freshly baked pumpkin breads. Toasted apple slices. Cinnamon and sugar cider donuts. And the prepping of fennel. All in preparation for the upcoming events.