Since 2001, Entertaining Company has been catering Modern Indian Celebrations. These celebrations are a fusion of energy, color, love, humility and spirit of Indian culture mingled with contemporary sensibilities. These soulful affairs captivate their audience by embracing the exotic and the colorful tendencies of Indian culture while also holding up the simple joys of family, love, devotion and humility that are the universal foundation of celebration.

Modern Indian Celebrations by Entertaining Company uses signature Indian flavors and traditions as a palate from which inspiration is drawn, and marries it with present-day sensibilities creating a perfectly-balanced celebration. An in-depth understanding of culture, nuance, and regional differences as well as an over-arching understanding of South Asian customs and etiquette informs our approach to catering.

A sophisticated and elegant plated style of service is a unique signature of Modern Indian Celebrations. We give an educated nod to the West by providing clients with a serving style that is beautiful while captivating guests with traditional Indian flavors.


  • Reception style Indian passed hors d’oeuvres are bite size for ease of eating while mingling.
  • No set catering “package” allows high level of menu customization according to family wishes.
  • Heritage (Family) Recipes Welcome, we believe the glory of Indian cuisine is found in the home.
  • Religious and Cultural Traditions accommodated: Halal, Jain, Vegetarian.
  • “Out of the Box” table bread bars, multi-part salad courses, teapot soup presentations, dramatic intermezzo courses, dance floor mini desserts, creative “late night snacks” are offered.
  • We work in concert with your designer/decorator, so that the visual of food and tabletop meld into one seamless reception “look.”
  • Food is fresh and finished on site, at reception location.
  • Entertaining Company is an approved Indian caterer at over 50+ off site venues as well as hotels.


Travel with our founder, Wendy Pashman, as she experiences culture through food and design. Wendy continually searches for unique cuisine on all the major continents, and her eye for design has introduced her to artisans of all kinds. Here is a glimpse into her culinary travel to India in the Spring of 2018.


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