Wandering Wyoming

Just got back to Chicago from Jackson Hole, Wyoming where we gathered naturally organic inspirations and yes, excited about the Total Solar Eclipse. Just missed the path of totality by a few days. It’s not often that the moon totally takes over the sun. In fact, it happens so infrequently that it’s a huge deal. By the time you read this blog, you will have experienced the eclipse in some level and will have to wait another 30+ years for the next!

But I want to talk about another kind of Wyoming visual excitement. Through natural design of a more everyday type. This is the design I discovered on my recent trip to the West. It is available to everyone through love and pursuit of nature. At first glance, as we flew into the Jackson Hole airport, all we saw was  mountains and fields. Everything was absolutely beautiful. But for those of us urban people who are usually barraged by road signs, glaring traffic lights, traffic and ambient noise. On first impression there seemed to be NOTHING there. We wondered what we would SEE in Wyoming? As the days went on, we were delighted when our eyes adjusted and that space became absolutely filled and alive with glorious shimmering lakes, woods, bears, moose, and water falls.

Turns out the food and interior Western Style we found is based on the beautiful nature outside. Our black city clothes looked way too graphic and sharp in that organic environment. Mostly everyone was wearing greens and browns that wouldn’t have looked out of place in the 70’s. As if they were trying for wild life camouflage. The few luxury black shiny cars looked out of place and gave way to more down to earth green Subarus.

The interior design we encountered was equally all about weathered organic and elegantly rustic materials. Wood décor elements, from salvaged style doors with wrought iron details. Bent wooden sculptures, and organic woven rugs all gave an earthy and organic feel to the interior environment.

Now back in the office. We continue to be inspired by the Jackson Hole elegant rustic style. And our EC design team intends to work elements from my inspirations in to our events. Some of our key venues such as Bridgeport Arts Center and Morgan Manufacturing, are perfect for this warm and organic style. If you’re wanting to incorporate this style into your home then look no further than our Home Store linked here. Shop hand painted ceramic mugs. Woven napkin rings. Weathered wooded boards. Textured linen table runners. And hand dyed tea towels (pictured above) that embody the beautiful scenery of the West.

Needless to say, I fell in love with Wyoming and the crisp mountain air. My family and I will definitely be back to revisit some of our favorite lookouts and gather more natural and organic inspirations to bring back to the city. Until then, we are back to wearing our sharp black outfits and day dreaming of the next trip to somewhere even more breath taking.