36 Hours in Tanzania: an EC Travel Diary

For everyone in the EC family, travel is both a passion and a currency. It’s where we get our best ideas, find rejuvenation, discover new trends, and are able to reset, renewing our commitment to food, cocktails, philosophy, art, and finding the beauty in the everyday. 

Our staff are all avid travelers, and bring their latest gems (recipes, boutique hotels, flea market finds, rare wine discoveries) into the office for group discussion. Needless to say we are always buying travel journals, ink pens, and collecting tidbits in various google docs. 

On the horizon for our founder, Wendy Pashman? 36 hours in Tanzania, before a 10 day safari through the wild lands. 

Some highlights from her travel planning and musings are below.

On Prioritizing & Planning

Of course, there is always the practical “must haves” – division of labor and passports, visas, paperwork. This isn’t my specialty. I do culture. Even though we’re going on safari, and the focus will be on wildlife, there will be a few days to snoop around and get a taste of the people and culture of Tanzania.

On The “Rules” I’ve Set for Myself

*No Guidebooks. These lead only to recognized landmarks, not the “living museum” which is what I care most about.

*Art and design and good food can be found everywhere: search for it. 

*Design focused people tend to group into neighborhoods where eclectic stores and authentic food can be found.

On Research

*Research is key, and Google is my best friend. I start with a broad search for the topics I’m most interested in. A few current favorites for this trip are below: 

5 Places to Shop in Tanzania (NYTimes) – https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/24/travel/five-places-to-shop-in-arusha-tanzania.html

11 Artists to Know from Tanzania – https://theculturetrip.com/africa/tanzania/articles/11-artists-to-know-from-tanzania/

Top 10 Bars in Tanzania – https://theculturetrip.com/africa/tanzania/articles/the-top-10-bars-in-dar-es-salaam/

On Creating a Visual Blueprint

Instagram gets me visually excited. I like to pre-plan by looking at hashtags and accounts. While I’m in the country, I follow along with accounts I’ve found and @ mention them. It’s all about making new friends. Accounts for this trip that I’m into and some accompanying photos: @Enirambar, @AfricanExplorer, @Serengetinationalpark, @MelikeKerpel, @PlanetAfricaSafaris, @Dar-es-Salaam Fans.

On Enjoyment & Anthropology

I make sure to document every part of my trip, from the airport cocktails to the jet lag to the pivotal moments — the discoveries, conversations, interludes, weird occurrences and interactions. Yes, I’m there for the food, wine, and hospitality of the place (and need to remember every detail) – but I’m also there as an anthropologist, to experience as fully as I can. I like to do this by writing in my journals, creating water color and collages, taking photos, interviewing anyone and everyone I meet, writing myself little notes of memories, and beyond. I don’t want to miss a moment! And now I’m off to see if I’ve gotten my paperwork together…fingers crossed! Follow along with the adventure on IG at the end of August, @bravejournal.