Wine on a Dime: Our Summer 2019 Report

It seems that all roads lead to wine. It’s #nationaloysterday and this, of course, takes us down the back alley of crisp white wine, which takes us down the highway of *wines we love* which has us meandering through the rolling hills of celebratory bottles, unusual bubbly, great price points, and 2019 cans we can’t live without. 

We love wine, and will spend a lifetime trying, researching, taste testing, and emailing our friends in pursuit of the best flavors, vineyards, and makers. We did a quick roundup of the wine clubs, cans, affordable bottles and unusual bubbly for the at-home entertainer, avid picnic goer, and generalist to sample in summer 2019. Bottoms up.

Wine Clubs

Wine clubs! A pitch perfect way to explore new makers and regions of the world, while expanding your palate and not breaking the bank. 

Check out Diversey Wine — their wine club is $50 a month for 2 bottles, a written description, pairing suggestions, and tasting notes. Diversey Wines focuses on labels which are farmed organically and without additives. Organic wines are typically funky, refreshing, and feature small batch producers, so you’ll be sure to pick up some unusual favorites you’d never find at a big box retailer.

And don’t miss Red & White Wineshop’s deal — $85 a month and you receive 3 bottles which are limited releases from the staff’s favorite producers. The trio is selected based on “seasonality, dynamism and overall allure.” 

Canned Wines

There’s absolutely zero shame in the canned wine game. It’s portable, inexpensive, and quality producers are coming up with their own inventive twists on the format, which is leading to some very tasty (and picnic-friendly options). A few selects below. 

Ramona — created by famed sommelier Jordan Salcito, Ramona is a mischievous, delicious and highly drinkable option for spritz-lovers, and wine snobs alike. And at about $10 a can, it’s a very doable price point. 

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Ferdinand California Albariño — this is a Napa Valley based vino with its own cult following. Enjoy the citrusy flavor at your next Ravinia lawn date, or lakeside swim. 

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Vinny —-  this format was created by Thomas Pastuszak, the wine director at New York’s NoMad hotel, and is a bubbly white blend from the Empire State’s Finger Lakes region. It has similarities to a Riesling and hints of pear, and aloe. Yum. 

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Bridge Lane – this wine is in the same zone as Chardonnay, with lemon, green apple, and underripe stone fruit. It’s tangy and refreshing for August, or really anytimeee.

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Bang for Your Buck

De Wetshof 2018 Bon Vallon Chardonnay (Robertson); $19. This wine has been described as having ‘faint straw’ and ‘toasted challah’ notes, which was enough to pique our interest. We kept reading and saw ‘dried apple skin’, orange and lime zest, ‘white carnation and chalky limestone.’ This bottle is where poetry meets price point; try a bottle for your next dinner party and see what your guests think. 

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Aphros 2018 Loureiro (Vinho Verde); $17. Our love affair with Portugal started in 2017 when we traveled there, and it’s never ending. This bottle is made with bio-dynamically grown grapes and the concentrated texture tastes deeply of apples.

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Celebration Bottles

2017 Lioco Sonoma County Chardonnay ($22) — this wine features notes of Meyer lemon and a departure away from broader blends. It’s an experimental California Chardonnay.

2012 Murgo Metodo Classico Sicilia ($22) — This is a Sicilian sparkler, which takes advantage of Mt. Etna’s airy climate. It’s made from Etna’s local Nerello Mascalese grape and will be the perfect finale to the next party at your house.

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