Tuesdays are for Travel

Tuesdays are for travel. And so – as usual, we’re here with a coffee cup and notebook – plotting our next getaway. Below are the cities we’re itching to hit up in 2019, significant in their beauty, food & wine culture, history, and people watching. We’re racking up our credit card points for that 3 month sabbatical — for food, wine, and hospitality research, of course. 

Yerevan // Armenia

Armenia is on our radar in a big way. We learned so much about the food, people and culture through our interview last week with cookbook creator Kate Leahy, as we discussed her upcoming project “Lavash” – slated to come out in October of 2019 – and it really piqued our interest in the traditions and terroir. Armenia is home to centuries-old cooking techniques and am emerging wine scene all its own. First on our visit is Yerevan — Armenia’s capital, and the crux of Armenia’s famous hospitality. 

*Photo credit: @armmood_
*Photo credit: @darsik
*Photo credit: @darsik

Puglia // Italy

We can never get enough of Italy and Puglia is the next region we want to travel to. It’s the heart of Italy’s “cucina povera” cooking style which relies heavily on inexpensive and local ingredients, and is molto semplice (and delicious). 

Puglia is known for its gorgeous beaches, farmland, historic churches and antique ruins. It encapsulates Gargano, Salento, Valle d’Itria, Ostuni and Bari — with no shortage of Adriatic views, steep staircases, ocean dips, delicious salty fish, and of course Bari’s iconic focaccia flatbread. We can’t wait to whip out our explorer’s notebook on the steps of an ancient church and soak it all in. 

*Photo credit: @puglia_mylove

Elqui Valley // Chile

Elqui Valley is one of Chile’s natural wonders — and we’re itching to get there for hiking, biking, spa time, pisco tastings and of course, a wine tasting or two. The valley is where the nation’s Syrah and Carmenere is produced, and is also home to some pretty iconic horseback riding trails and woodsy cycling. We’re ready to drink in nature’s beauty with a pisco sour. And when night falls? We’ll do some premium stargazing — Elqui Valley is home to some of the world’s best nighttime astro activity.

*Photo credit: @destilerialosnichos

Tel Aviv | Israel

Tel Aviv! It’s been on our list forever, and this year we’re doing it. It’s known for its buzzy creative energy, insane Bauhaus architecture, delicious vegan – vegetarian eats, and glimmering beaches. 

Lonely Planet did a great writeup of the city and says: “Tel Aviv is characterized by an enterprising creative landscape. From the world-class Tel Aviv Museum of Art, which houses works by international greats, to the secluded street art alleys and avant-garde galleries scattered around bohemian Florentin, inspiration comes in myriad mediums. And it doesn’t end with the visual arts – there’s plenty of performance, too. Enjoy the rich theatre scene, live music ranging from beachside buskers to big name international acts, and plenty of classical music, opera and ballet for high culture cats.” 

On the list for us: curbside falafel, a trip to Jaffa Flea, a visit to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, and a stroll through the sidewalks and back alleys (the “living museum”) to see what the vibe is. 

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*Photo credit: architecturalphotographer