Updated Boxed Lunches

Here at Entertaining Company we are always looking for ways to elevate something simple and create an experience with our food. For example, the concept of boxed lunches has been around for decades. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich or sliced lunch meat on white bread was classic in the 50’s. The sandwich would be accompanied by some type of pre-packaged side such as apple sauce, fruit cup, a cheese stick and a little something sweet. We love familiar food but when you’re hosting an office lunch meeting or a day- long conference with break out times for lunch, you and your co-workers might want something a little more substantial that keeps you fueled through the rest of the day. We’ve created a lunch box menu that will do just that. All of our sandwiches are freshly made daily. All side salads, vegetable chips and pasta dishes are prepped moments before they make their way to your office. And the EC dessert bars and cookies are baked fresh every morning.

The drop off boxed lunch menu allows you to pick from a cocktail sandwich like a grilled flank steak cocktail sandwich with layers of garden arugula sauce and shredded lettuce. Or a crispy chicken sandwich with house cured pickles, lettuce and a roasted pepper slaw. And for our vegetarians choose between items like our roasted vegetable and herb chevre sandwich or the vine-ripened tomato sandwich. Every box comes with two accompaniments of your choice. Our favorites are the southwestern tomato and corn salad because it is super light and refreshing. Perfect side to any of our wraps and sandwiches. Or consider the classic hand cut kettle chips to add some crunch to the box. We are always a custom caterer, even for a boxed lunch event. If you don’t see an item that you wish to be added to your menu it can be easily done. Just ask one of our sales consultants!

If you have any questions or want to schedule a lunch drop off for your office, email us at info@entertainingcompany.com.