A Hair-Raising Corporate Halloween Party

Hello, October! Flip those desk calendars and start planning your costume on lunch. The time to gather your ghoulish coworkers, collaborators and employees for a spooky celebration is quickly approaching! The company Halloween party should be filled with fun foods, cauldron-brewed potions and office-bonding, of course! Every year, we provide corporate Halloween catering for some truly show-stopping parties. Here are some of our favorite Halloween food, drink and decor for your ghostly gathering.

Potent Potions

All good parties start with a refreshing and delicious drink (or two). As custom caterers, we love to really play into specific themes, and our signature cocktails are no exception.

Rather than a punchbowl, a cron’s cauldron is our vessel of choice for a buffet-style, witch-served brew. In the past, we’ve filled it with seasonal flavors—for this party, we combined raspberry-cranberry juice, apple cider and ginger ale. And these smokey (via dry ice) goblets are filled with iced soda and garnished with a grenadine-filled syringe for effect. For an dessert cocktail that’s a little tamer, we have bloody milkshakes of vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and raspberry syrup.

Frightful Foods

More than anything else, the first bite of food sets the mood for the rest of the party. Our maple-glazed pork sliders are just what the (witch) doctor ordered. To heighten the fear factor, we served with a syringe of blood-red ketchup, so each guest could administer their own condiments. We also filled syringes with truffle aioli to make our mac and cheese muffins fit the theme.

Sometimes, it’s all in the passing trays and accessories. Our tuna tartar bites take on a creepy-cool aesthetic when served alongside a “steaming mini cauldron” and skull-printed signage. Suddenly, that house-made waffle chip looks slightly more skull-like. For a kid-friendly buffet snack, we love mixing creepy crawly gummy worms into a big bowl of kettle corn. And health-conscious coworkers can nosh on chopped fruit served in a jack-o-lantern orange peel.

Deadly Desserts

We have some tricks up our sleeve for our custom-made party treats. Because what’s Halloween without a piece of candy? Or five? First, we filled an oversized metal tub with classic candies for the taking. Some of our corporate dessert table favorites include our mummies (white-chocolate-dipped pretzel rods), our skeleton pops (chocolate-dipped oreos on a stick) and our handmade twix bars.

We also never pass up a chance to get creative with cookies! We love pumpkin-shaped cookies, monster mouth cookie sandwiches and cookie bats covered in black sugar.

Party Like It’s Friday the 13th!

Finally, we need some tricks to balance out all these incredible treats. Whether your corporate Halloween party is in the office lobby or at a venue downtown, it should be decorated to the thirteens!