2020 Wedding Trends We Love

Fall is when we recharge our batteries, load up our mood and vision boards, and stock up on inspiration. 

Each year has its own style and mood, and we’re always excited to see where the tide will take us with respect to concepts, decor, color palettes, and menu preferences. 

We’re seeing some distinct ideas take shape for our weddings for 2020, and wanted to share a roundup of the buzziest concepts in case you’re planning your own nuptuals (or just like to keep up with the trends). 

Mobile Presentations

This year, it’s all about customized stations — that move with you. At EC, we’ve developed wedding hors d’oeuvres carts, dim sum stations, and seafood Raw Bars on wheels (think waiters walking by with hawker boxes filled with shrimp, crab legs and sauces like Srircha and horseradish mustard). We love this concept because it adds theatricality to cocktail hour. This concept is also fabulous for late night presentations; our recent favorite of this variety was a Whiskey Cart with rolling Old Fashioneds, and dark chocolate truffles. 


Plant-forward presentation is big for 2020. We’ve put together botanical infused water stations for our guests (lemon mint water and strawberry citrus coolers), as well as full scale floral garnishes for our cocktails (blood orange, grapefruit and citrus, rosemary and thyme, basil and lavender, fresh juices, and local greens). 

His & Her Specialty Cocktails

His and Hers specialty cocktails are emerging as one of our clients favorite concepts for 2020. There are so many bride and groom-specific details, why not have some fun with specialty cocktails that also showcase the couples individuality? A favorite duo of ours is The Sparkler (for Her) and The Smoke (for Him). Recipes below!

  1. Her: THE SPARKLER (Grapefruit Rosemary Sparkler): gin, prosecco, rosemary simple syrup (add a little more simple syrup), crushed ice and fresh rosemary sprig *in dotted cylinder glass (10 oz)/ rose gold and white striped paper straw.
  2. His: THE SMOKE (Cucumber Smash): bourbon, ginger beer, smash cucumber, fresh squeezed lemon,ice cubes, charred rosemary sprig, ruffled cucumber and lemon peel (ruffled together on a skewer).

Surprise & Delight Details

Surprise and delight is key to any event, and we’re seeing that our clients want to pump up the volume on the amount they introduce to their guests. This could be a surprise wedding soup after salad or a late night digestivo bar, or a late night snack of poutine (Wisconsin and Ontario style). There’s nothing we love more than hearing the squeals from the dance floor as people rush over for an unexpected treat, than head back to hit the last minute of that Beyonce track.