The Art of Leisure – EC’s Summer 2019 Obsessions

Leisure, noun, “freedom provided by the cessation of activities” as defined by Merriam-Webster and a word we take very *seriously*.

We’re always on the move — scoping out a new venue, meeting with a planner, putting together a tasting for an Indian celebration — but we prioritize our business and our pleasure. After all, our leisure time is also productive; it’s where we soak up new inspirations, explore the world around us, discover new passions to bring back into our work, and rejuvenate. 

We are always on the hunt for new inspirations from our EC clients (send your current obsessions across travel, food + wine, culture, art, reading, and beyond to!) and wanted to share our current list for Summer 2019. Enjoy!

Information, Inspiration & Ideas

*Photo credit to Monocle, Nez, and La Cucina Italiana

Monocle Magazine — Monocle is one of our favorite publications when we want to deep dive into a city and culture. With reporting across niche shopping, culture and museums, music, art, and curiosities, you can be sure that Monocle will reveal a destination and detail you wouldn’t have uncovered elsewhere.

Nez Olfactory Magazine — a new favorite and an absolute stunner of a publication. Nez is an olfactory magazine and exploration of aromas, joy, euphoria, memory, sexuality, and beyond. It’s just the type of weird hyper-specific #content we can’t get enough of, never mind the interviews and photo spreads with eccentrics, artists, and scientists. 

An excerpt below from an interview with Isabelle Doyen. Needless to say we’re intoxicated by the sensory beauty of the words, photography and illustration in this zine:

“We were on the terrace at a friend’s house for an aperitif, and right there in front of us was a tree with yellow flowers. It was six in the evening, nothing in the world could have made me move from my seat, so intense were my emotions. I was intoxicated by this warm, very slightly fruity smell. It was a ylang-ylang tree, I found that out years later. On Sundays, we would take a picnic into the Tahitian valleys. I loved the smell of the coconut trees and of the ferns that were everywhere. And then there was the mango we used to eat on our way to the beach and which would drop all round our mouths.”

*Photo credit to Nez Olfactory Magazine

La Cucina Italiana — beautiful photography and at-home recipes for the low key but elegante chef. We like scooping this pub up at check-out of Whole Foods, with an arm full of groceries and flowers. 

Viewpoint Colour — trend forecasting in color with exceptional photography and predictions for the industry. We love integrating these insights into our cocktail menus, and visual iconography for the upcoming year.

Wine – A Dry Rose & Riding The Orange Wave

A Dry Rose – Our current love affair is with the Canary Islands of Spain. We had a rose with brilliant, deep color, and unusual dryness at Giant last weekend — run, don’t walk and order a glass of the Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain, 2018 Bermejos Listan Negro.

The Orange Wave — we’re also riding the funky, acidic, slightly tangy orange wave. Grab a bottle of this from Binny’s for your next Mediterranean dinner party.

Coffee, Pastry & Journaling

*Photo credit to Four Letter Word and Lost Larson

One of our favorite leisure activities in the summer is an early morning coffee, and journaling session. Two favorite spots: Lost Larson in Andersonville (the bread is divine, the cardamom sticky buns are the best outside of Sweden) and/or a quick espresso and croissant from Four Letter Word.

Investing in Yourself & Your Home

Part of summer’s bounty is investing in your self-care and your home. Soak up those extra hours of sunlight with a book by the pool, followed by a punch up of your apartment or home. 

*Photo credit to Eskell, Supergoop and Entertaining Company

For your hydration: check out the Abby Recycled Carafe and Water Glass, a portable vessel for your nightstand or al fresco table. Hydration is key, but no one likes an ugly un-recyclable plastic bottle. 

For your skin: check out Supergoop which produces clean, light and protective skincare products you can slather on all summer long. 

For your air: add a little ambiance to your airwaves with a candle from Eskell boutique. The scents are clean and we love a little heat on our countertop, during a late lunch.