Chicago Farmers Markets: Our 2019 Preview

Two good pieces of news: the sun has finally come out, and Farmers Market season is almost here. YES!

During the long Chicago winters, we crave the Farmers Market experience—grabbing our straw bags, baseball caps and morning cappuccino, before heading over to our fave booths and grabbing sumptuous fruits, veggies, cheeses, freshly baked breads, pastries (a little breakfast pastry goes a long way towards a perfect morning), and flowers, before sitting in the grass, and letting the late morning sun wash over.

It’s a poetic experience, and a cost effective one. Shopping at your local FM is an excellent way to support local farms and producers, and to maximize the season’s most delicious flavors without a pinch to your wallet.

You may find at the end of that dreamy morning that you’ve loaded up on greens, beans, breads, and freshly cut fleurs and have spent the same amount (or less) that you would have at Trader Joe’s, with produce that’s brimming with flavor, color, and texture—knocking those shrimpy grocery store eats outta the park.

We’re about 3 weeks away from the start of the Chicago Farmers Market season, and have a number of destinations we hit up throughout the spring and summer, listed below. These are our favorite both for their easy locations, vendor options, and quality of fruits, veggies, and florals.

Our Favorite Farmers Markets

2363 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647
Sundays, May 12 – October 27

50 W Washington StChicago, IL 60602
b/t Wabash Ave & Dearborn St

May – OctoberClark St & N. Lincoln Ave
Wednesdays and Saturdays, 7am–1pm

May 8 to August 28 1500 W Berwyn Ave, Chicago, IL 60640

The obvious next question: what fruits and veggies are in season during spring and summer? Never fear – our list is here.

Spring can’t miss items:

Asparagus – Radishes – Rhubarb – Spring onions – Mustard greens – Apricots-Potatoes – Arugula – Strawberries – Foraged Wild plants (morel mushrooms, dandelion greens, ramps) – Beets – Carrots – Garlic scapes / green garlic – Leeks

Summer can’t miss items:

Basil – Blackberries – Blueberries – Chickpeas – Chile peppers – Corn – Cucumbers – Summer squash – Zucchini – Plums- Pluots

Once we’ve got our bags packed to the gills, it’s home we go—to cook, bake, and grill our way into Sunday evening, with a record on the turntable and a spritz on the countertop. See you in the sun real soon!