Romantic Three-Ingredient Chocolate Mousse

Cupid draw back your bow, and let your arrow flowww

As usual, we are grooving to Sam Cooke and getting down in the EC Test Kitchen (#ECTK, thank you very much!). Today’s fiesta? A Valentine’s Day inspired shoot.

Vday incites lots of feelings―nostalgia for deep, lusty red roses, venom about our exes, dreams of living with our future husband, Bradley Cooper.

All feels aside though, it’s a reason to celebrate love, platonic, romantic, and self―and we’re into that. Today we’re making chocolate mousse with fleur de sel―which takes all of 10 minutes and satisfies those deep pangs for bittersweet cocoa. This recipe is via the @NYTimes and is as delicious as it is low effort―a truly winning combo.

We hope you’ll give it a whirl on Thursday and enjoy it with someone you adore.


Step 1

Your ingredients. You’ll need 10 ounces (about 2 bars) bittersweet chocolate (this time we are baking with “Divine” from Whole Foods), fleur de sel (or your favorite coarse salt), ice, and water. Voila!

Step 2

Break up your chocolate. It’s going to get melted down and can be in pieces or blocks. Chop or break by hand.

Step 3

Prep an ice bath. Take a bigger pot and place on stove; fill with ice and light layer of cold water. Take smaller bowl and place on top. You’ll need this later.

Step 4

Put your chocolate in pot and cover with 1 cup water. Place over medium heat. Whisk your chocolate as it melts down, till smooth and velvety. It’s going to smell like heaven, btw.

Step 5

As soon as your chocolate is smooth, transfer to ice bath. Whisk furiously (your arm may hurt!) till it starts getting thick and creamy. If this doesn’t happen immediately, add more chocolate and remelt.

Step 5

At this point, you have a thick, dark semi-sweet mousse on your hands. Yas! Transfer to small bowls or mugs – we are enjoying in our EC@Home Ariel glassware duo, which are perfectly pearly and the right serving size for a dollop of chocolate.