Fresh Additions: Spring 2019 Trends + NEW Products!

Breathe in, breathe out. Fresh spring air in our lungs, fresh spring products in our homes and hands. What’s the vibe? Tending to our indoor botanicals (#PlantMoms), incorporating our intercontinental inspo into daily life, appreciating the beauty of the imperfect and, as always, sharing a cup of coffee or glass of wine with our creative tribe. And wouldn’t ya know? Our latest launch of ECatHome products fits our spring 2019 trends perfectly.

Lush + Lively Botanicals

Here in Chicago, there’s no telling when winter will end—we’re still trying to defrost from the latest Polar Vortex. So, until spring shows up on our doorstep instead of snow, we’re all about the indoor garden. Palm fronds, miniature trees and vining pothos (real or faux) make any room feel warm, no matter the weather. And we just can’t get ENOUGH planters! They’re both a home for our plant friends and unique decor pieces. Our collection of carved black clay planters make such a statement—there’s real heft to them, and the hand-etched design is reminiscent of African mudcloth patterns. Our new Taproot pitcher comes in handy when it’s time to water those green babes!

Hopeful + Moody Vibes

Springtime is all about starting fresh—baby buds bright and alive, blooming from soil that was once dead and dry. We can’t pretend today’s world feels tough at times. In fact, we accept and embrace it. One of the joys in life is finding light in the darkness, the beauty of the imperfect. One of the reasons we love the new Tampa pitcher (and its companion Taproot) is the crackle glaze finish, which embodies the idea of “perfectly imperfect.” Wabi sabi, a Japanese aestheticism to which we’re drawn, also hinges on ideas of imperfection and impernance. Our set of Cahya planters, with its cement construction and indigo finish, is totally zen.

Luxe + Relaxed Mornings

Morning light is meant for basking, baby. The sun is rising earlier and earlier, and we want to enjoy it. Our plan? Gather a friend or two, lay a light linen over the table, add a couple of plants for a makeshift centerpiece, and brew the coffee. Voilà! A simple and sophisticated breakfast table at which we can enjoy each other’s company. Oh, and don’t forget coasters for the mugs! The cement construction of our new Hexagon coasters coordinates with the rustic planters we brought up to the table.

Warm + Welcome Hangouts

In spring 2019, we’re all about hosting breakfast at ours…so we’ll come to YOU for dinner and drinks! Something we always have and always will believe in? Hostess gifts—we never show up empty-handed. Our new Darcy wine bag is perfect. It’s cotton, which means it’s reusable (reducing waste is the move this year and every year), and cute as all get-out. Pair with a bottle of your favorite vino, and you’ll be a welcome sight on any doorstep. You may want to also grab our Geo cork bottle stoppers if you want to save some for another night.