Why I Love Pinterest.(And You Probably Will Too….)

Why do I love Pinterest?

Let me count the ways….

First. for those of you not familiar, Pinterest is a social media bookmarking site that allows you to “pin” pictures from anywhere online and create mood boards that can be categorized and seen by current friends and the Pinterest community.  And, it seems that women like me are flocking to the site in droves….

A example of my “old-school” inspiration books

Wow!  I, personally, have been keeping “book versions” of Pinterest since I was a little girl. Everywhere I go, I tear photos out of magazines, cut outs from my travel maps, swipe menus from restaurants that I’ve been inspired by….and more…and paste these photos into “inspiration” diaries that I keep in my home library.  Now, for the first time, this insatiable hobby of mine has an on-line companion.  Suddenly, I can easily grab photos from the internet – and pin them on an interactive mood board that my friends, clients…and even strangers can see – and comment on!  I am smitten!

It’s pure inspirational entertainment for me…but now, I am finding that this hobby of mine is changing my business! I am always looking for “eye candy” to share with clients. Something modern and Indian catches my eye?  A color or cookie or cocktail that beckons from the Internet?   I create a board and name it “Modern Indian Celebrations” or “Pop Indian Decor”.  Say a client has asked for a summer-on-the-lawn garden party…perhaps I’ll start a board and name it “Italian Garden Party” and another “Dining Al Fresco”.  A board called “Color Shot,” who knows where that will come in handy? My “Child’s Play” Board has already provided Bar Mitzvah inspiration.

And then there is my “Luxury Vegetable” page…..did I mention that I was smitten!?

Luxury Vegetables!? Pinterest is the Ultimate Creative Outlet!

Anything I find of an inspirational nature will be added to boards and new boards will grow becoming ever more detailed. Boards can be arranged and rearranged as the whim strikes.

Hey, come visit me on Pinterest and make it an online destination! I am adding to my boards every day!

Reach out if you need an “invitation”!  The more the merrier!