Point, Set, Match? Not at My Party!!!

Point, Set, Match? Don’t Think So!

My mother is of a generation in which women wore matching outfits. You know what I mean – the shoes matched the bag, the top went with the bottom. The entire ensemble was tied together by color.

Not my Mother…but you get the idea…

My husband, a minimalist at heart, aspires to have all of his suits in the same color, worn with ten of the same white shirts, thereby reverting to his Catholic school days by wearing a “uniform” every day.

I ask you: What could be more boring?

Luckily for the maximalist in me, the new trend in entertaining is the use of mismatched antique china and silver for the table.  Like your dinner guests, sometimes the line up needs to be shaken up with something a little unexpected to make the event new and fun. Consider Tablescapes‘ rental heirloom flatware for your eclectic table and serving ladles for excellence in communal serving. We love renting mix matched china for large seated wedding dinners through Vintage Plate Rental and it’s a great look for any kind of indoor or garden party. Here is my Pinterest inspiration for that eclectic Italian Style Garden Party I so want to cater….

There’s nothing to be ashamed of….mixed and matched china, heirloom (or rented mixed and matched flatware,) “distressed” farm house tables and an assortment of chairs from Found. Eclectic and “collected over time” is the look we’re going for…no matchy matchy.

So, next time you entertain, think about coloring outside the lines. That’s where the fun is.