The Entertaining Company Chronicles, Part I: We Fear No Flavor

It’s been two years, nearly to the day, since I have been blogging on this little site, and I have always been so charmed by our faithful readers! By now you all know that my mind is constantly abuzz with inspirations big and small, and I use this blog as a way to share my finds with the Entertaining Company community! The best part? For every idea that I post about, our fans and followers share their inspirations through comments and posts… It’s truly a bold world of celebration on these pages from (nearly!) every corner of the earth, and I am so grateful to be a part of it!

If there is one question that has gone unanswered until now, it’s this one: “How do you do it?!” Over the past two decades, Entertaining Company events have evolved to become so much more than just delicious, flavorful food… but also design concepts and entire themes of celebration. The process itself is really an all-hands-on-deck production that is so much fun to be a part of. It occurred to me that it’s time to turn the spotlight onto our amazing team at Entertaining Company and showcase all that goes on behind the scenes as we serve our amazing clients. If you think our parties are fun, it’s because our team has so much fun putting each extravaganza together.

INSPIRATION: Global Glamour
Inspiration Journals
Red + Gold
Mini Kathi Rolls
Mini Pancakes
Manzanita Branches
Gold Paper Cones
Kobe Sliders
Red + Gold Dishes
Crystals + Candlelight

And, so this week, we will be unveiling the entire Entertaining Company process. All secrets revealed. No holds barred. Right here on the pages of this blog in three episodes that follow our team through the entire planning process.

Tune in to Chronicle 1 right here. Lights… camera… ACTION!