Picnic Lunch – Hold the Sunscreen

The snow is starting to melt – but the sad realization is that we’re no where near spring.  We’re definitely in the slush/mud/gray phase of the season.  A hearty group we are at Entertaining Company.  We’re hard to deter.  So, we decided to bring the picnic indoors until the Chicago weather cooperates.

This is how it works. Our buffet-length wooden “bento box” moves

Who would have thought!?! Lush and green in the middle of February.

to your office loaded with greenery, wheatgrass, natural stone elements, floral elements and, of course, lunch!   Guests just walk up to this life-sized bento box and select from the boxes that bear what looks appealing.  Foods are individually nestled into single-use, eco-friendly, sustainable service-ware that has been pressed from leaves and is completely biodegradable.

When it comes to lunch, We’re packing everything GREEN and LUSH….it truly is a feast for the eye and stomach. Some of the fresh greenery that is on the menu includes: “Finger” Salads, chopped salad of gingered shrimp, romaine, avocado, scallion, red pepper, radishes and ginger sesame vinaigrette and a mega-meze of green edamame dip, hummus, feta-olive salsa and tons of raw veggies and crispy flatbreads for dipping.

Grab a cocktail napkin, one of our freshly-squeezed juices, a housemade energy bar and power through the afternoon’s “to do” list.

For those going  stir crazy and needing to get out of the office for a Winter break, we recommend Epoch or A New Leaf for a garden vibe until the weather clears.