One World Libations

Here at One World Weddings, we’re always looking for exotic libations from around the world. In previous posts we’ve gushed about St. Germaine, the French liqueur made from elderflowers, and of course absinthe, the epic spirit made from the wormwood plant. Now we’ve stumbled upon a few more up-and-coming liqueurs that we thought we’d share with you!

Cynar is an Italian liqueur primarily made from the artichoke. With a bittersweet flavor, the dark brown liquid contains 16.5% alcohol. It’s also thought to have an aphrodisiac effect among many other health benefits. Generally consumed as an apéritif or a digestif, cynar cocktails, with the addition of soda water, orange juice or cola are common in Europe. Some experts compare the flavor and potential of cynar with that of vermouth.

Another find is crème de violette. This classic liqueur has been hard to come by in the United States until last year when an Austrian brand hit the domestic market. The beautiful, deep purple liqueur made from a maceration of real violets has a deep floral nose and sweet flavor. Crème de Violette is an essential component to several classic cocktails: The Aviation features gin, lemon juice, maraschino and crème de violette and The Attention is composed of gin, absinthe, vermouth, crème de violette and orange bitters. These popular pre-prohibition concoctions are not cocktails for the faint of heart!


Get your hands on some cynar or crème de violette and create a truly unique signature cocktail for your One World Wedding!