Old School Antique Cafe Corkscrew Cotton Wine Bags


Our Old School cotton wine bag is the gift that keeps on giving—it’s totally reusable! Featuring an eye-catching, vintage-style illustration of an antique cafe corkscrew, the wine bag has a black cord around the collar, allowing you to tighten the canvas around your favorite bottle of red or white. Pair it with a bottle of vino, a set of coasters, or a corkscrew or other useful cocktail accessory, and voilà! You’ve got the perfect host or hostess gift for the holidays! Cheers!

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Gifting our Old School Antique Cafe Corkscrew Cotton Wine Bag is an eco-friendly way to show your appreciation for your party host or hostess!

  • Material: Cotton
  • Dimensions: 3”w x 14”h
  • Weight: 8 oz


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