Culinary Astrology – Summer Spots for Every Sign

It’s June and we’re flying into the summer with hedonistic *glee*. After months and months of drizzle, snow, storms and quasi-torpedos, we’re ready for sunshine, sashimi and endless dinner parties (or at least a good mezcal margarita or two).

While we’re in control of our summer plans (and we plan to crank it up with outdoor adventures, cocktails and eats) – we can’t help but look to the stars for a little more insight. We’ve always loved horoscopes (we’re suckers for hidden intel and velvet reading lamp vibes) and want to make sure we’re maximizing our summer under the stars’ faithful alignment.

Introducing EC’s Culinary Astrology profile — summer spots for each astro sign. Bust open the cold brew, download Co-Star and start manifesting your dream June. We have bars, restaurants, and cafes for every personality, whether you’re an adventure-driven Gemini or practical Virgo (guilty).


You’re upbeat, positive and playful — forever searching for new and intriguing experiences. A fire sign, you’re spontaneous and energized — with a joie de vivre that inspires others. We’re sending you to Bar Sotano for en fuengo mezcal from Oaxaca to Puebla. 

Photo cred: @chicagomag


You’re grounded and practical, loyal and unwavering — connected to nature and the outdoors. You love local, herby flavors (gardening is a fave hobby) and good tunes. Hit up Cellar Door Provisions, which makes clean, ethereal dishes from the best local farms.

Photo cred: @cellardoorprovisions


You’re curious – a seeker – forever on the move and looking for the next experience. You love to travel and hit the road as often as possible. We’re sending you to Arbella – which features insane cocktails, inspired by staff trips around the world. This is a dope spot for anyone with a spontaneous palate. Pro tip: the “Jalapeno Business” is a must.

Photo cred: @arbellachicago


You’re dreamy and sensitive, connected to water and beauty. You’re happiest when you’re in a surreal backdrop, away from your iPhone and everyday cares. Head on over to 3 Arts Club Cafe – the bubbling fountains and crystal chandeliers are right in the city, but will have you feeling you’ve skipped town into another realm.

Photo cred: @lauramariemeyers


You’re the lion – powerful and charismatic, with an agenda all your own. Fiery and fun-loving, you like being inside the heart of the action. Go peep the Hoxton Hotel and have a drink at Lazy Bird – the low key speakeasy. It’s in the heart of Chicago’s Fulton Market and the people watching is primo.

Photo cred: @chicagomag


You’re practical and earthy, drawn to simple pleasures and pristine details. Sometimes you just need a little *you* time — and we get that. Take yourself on a date to Middle Brow Bungalow for a slice and some vino. You deserve that night off, baby.

Photo cred: @infatuation_chi


You’re peaceful and zen, interested in art, culture, and discovering things beyond yourself. Take yourself on a date to the Museum of Contemporary Art, and then post up with some greens and a glass of wine at Marisol.

Photo cred: @marisol.chicago


You’re distinct within the zodiac for your spirit and passion, and okay, yes – moods. You’re all in – either loving it or hating it, and forever searching for the next obsession-worthy spot. We’re sending you to a new favorite – Tempesta – which makes the best beet sandwich (the “Beet Street”) in the world and whose name is your Italian – astro twin. You’ll love the charcuterie and craft sandwiches at this joint.

Photo cred: @tempestamarket


You’re a traveler, with the itch to see, do and explore. You go to great lengths to stay engaged, and are always down for the next day trip or overseas adventure. Grab a few besties and head on over to Bombay Chopsticks – Indian, Thai and Chinese cuisine in the suburbs of Chicago. It’s just weird (and delicious) enough to satisfy your curiosity.

Photo cred: @bombaychopsticks


You’re stable and wise, with a maturity all your own. You march to the beat of your own drummer and appreciate the finer things in life – food, wine, reading, gardening, to name a few. We’re sending you to a beloved (and semi-secret) spot called Ada Street. The summer plates are divine, and the backdrop is intimate and discreet, like discovering a secret living room to call your own.

Photo cred: @adastreetchicago


You’re strong, independent and eccentric – you like to do your own thing and are always seeking out new and niche spots. Since you’re an air sign, we’re sending you to an outdoor patio at Monnie Burke’s which is bustling in the summer, and comes with great live music.

Photo cred: @monnieburkes


You’re emotional and intuitive, and moved easily. You’re hungry for experiences and are forever on the prowl for the next soul-satisfying moment. Music is vital to your happiness, so we’re sending you to Tack Room for happy hour and a Cuban quartet.

Photo cred: @tackroom