Guilt Free Cocktails

We are committed to making this year more healthful without giving up things we love. Therefore, we are dedicating today’s blog to guilt free cocktails. After a productive week of eating healthy, attending fitness classes and staying on track overall,the weekend should be about rewarding yourself without feeling guilty about it. Our Beverage Manager, Tom Sierra, did research on a few healthy ways to indulge when you go out. More and more bars are using things like beets, almonds, leafy greens and even yogurt to create health conscious drinks.

Sierra says, “It’s all about using healthy elements in your cocktails like kombucha, fresh botanical herbs, and flavored sparkling water”. When making a classic moscow mule, Tom suggests substituting the ginger beer with a ginger kombucha. Kombucha has a lot less sugar and a few extra health benefits that wouldn’t compromise the traditional mule flavor. Photo from In It For The Long Run Blog. Last year, we created a few cocktails in a can using our favorite LaCroix flavors that are perfect for mixing up both healthy and delicious concoctions. Read more here.

Using 100% real juices instead of the high sugar juice concentrates is of course another great way to drink without the guilt. Tom is working on creating a new carrot juice cocktail that blends the fresh earthy flavors of carrot juice with the spice of cut ginger. Vodka or gin, shaken with freshly pressed carrot juice, slices of ginger, and a splash of organic apple juice that adds the perfect amount of sweetest. Served over crushed or cubed ice. Photo from Camille Styles’ Blog.

Lastly are fermented fruits and vegetable garnishes. The leftover produce we fermented and pickled last week, is also finding its way onto our cocktail menu. Nothing is going to waste around here. Vibrant, eye catching colors adorning each glass. We are excited to start introducing more cocktails that will allow your guests to enjoy themselves without all the guilt. Pictured is freshly squeeze grapefruit, a splash of gin and over the top garnishes. Dehydrated blood oranges, skewered with pickled cucumbers, a melon ball and a fresh mint sprig. Vintage beaded glasses by Tablescape Rental.