Class Without Glass

Summer is here which always has us craving sweet and fruity cocktails – and lots of rosé. SO our chef and beverage manager worked together to create some thirst quenching cocktails that incorporate fresh seasonal fruits, sparkling wines and flavored sparkling water that added a great mixing base, low in sugar and hydrating during the hot months ahead. We did some research on some of the most popular canned wines and experimented with flavor profiles that embodied everything that’s great about summer!

For the first cocktail, we mixed up a classic Bellini with an #ECStyle twist.  Peaches are always a perfect treat in the summer, so our chef decided to combine the sweet juicy flavor from a peach with a light floral flavor from fresh lavender giving you a Lavender Peach Bellini. Simple and easy to recreate at home or let us mix it for you and your guests at the next house party or summer wedding you host. We can even transfer the cocktail back into the can for a more casual affair or if you’re celebrating in an area that doesn’t allow glass: “Class without Glass” as we like to call it!

For the base of our second drink, we used mini cans of Presto Sparkling Rosé and recreated our Rosé Sparkler signature cocktail. A refreshing mixture of fresh blueberries, thyme simple syrup and garnished with a thyme sprig making this one of our top cocktails for this summer. These little cans are also perfect to grab and go when you’re headed to an outdoor concert, lake front or a day out on the lake!

The last cocktail we mixed up used one of our favorite non-alcoholic beverages, La Croix.  There are many different flavor combinations this company has created making these a great base to summer cocktails like the Blackberry Cucumber Cooler. Our beverage manager loves splashing in a little tequila anywhere he can so this was one of his more simpler creations which included fresh muddled blackberries, cold-pressed cucumber juice, tequila of your choice, topped with the Mure Pepino flavored La Criox as a mixer with some bubbles!

All cocktails listed above will be part of our featured menu this season and look forward to creating them for you at your next hosted event.

Cheers to summer!

Entertaining Company Team