Time To Restock Your Kitchen

We’re restocking our kitchen cabinets with more healthful, sustainable and just all around better condiments for our every day dishes. Simple yet delicious and extremely easy to make from things you already have in your kitchen. This time of year, fruits and vegetables aren’t near as fresh as they are during the warm summer months. And we hate throwing away produce once it starts to lose its fresh flavor. Which is why we get really into pickling and fermenting our leftover produce to create great accompaniments to meats and salads. When pickling and fermenting fruits and vegetables, all that’s typically needed is a variety of seasonings like garlic, ginger, salt and a little chili powder for those who like it spicy! Let your jars sit over night, or even if a few nights if you want, before serving. We are a big fan of how vibrant this process is and love setting our jars out around our kitchen to add some much needed pops of color. Serve the final products along side chicken entrees, mixed into salads, layered on toast or in tacos, sprinkle on pizza. The list could go on forever.

Speaking of adding some spice. Have you checked out our hand blended spices inspired by the places our team has traveled? These are another great addition to your cabinets this year. All natural, little to no salt and absolutely delicious. Each blend is created with a few specific dishes in mind and our Creative Culinary Director, Shawn Doolin, lists those out for you on the back of each tin. Doolin created the Denver spice blend from a melange of hickory smoke powder, bell peppers, field garlic, wild onions, caraway and spices that we mix up and use for grilling. Whereas the Amalfi Lemon spice is a lighter blend combining the organic Mediterranean blend of herbs, spices, lemon peel and Lemon Salt which he added to his repertoire while in Amalfi.  Start upgrading your spice cabinet now by shopping all six of our blends here. 

Happy restocking!

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