Comfort Food, Late Night Style

The world is so interesting when we are aware of the things around us~ using all of our senses. What we sense often turns into memories. We’ve all had the experience of tasting something so delicious that we are thinking about it days (and years) afterwards. We understand “comfort eating” from beginning to end when we are stressed out or the happiest, we want the most fulfilling, emotionally nourishing food that comes to mind! Those tastes are powerful, immediate and personal.

Somehow those personally delicious memories often turn into late night wedding snack inspirations. We always ask our brides and grooms what foods give comfort and delight beyond all others.

Here are a few comforting homey taste sensations
that have made an appearance as late night snacks
at recent Entertaining Company weddings


Kathi Rolls

Originally from Calcutta, India these rolls started as skewer roasted kebabs wrapped with Paratha Bread. When our first client requested these, I researched in New York at Kati Roll. Later we had amazing Kathi Rolls at Kahn Market in Delhi which blew my mind!


Hot Dogs

A favorite late night snack of many brides and grooms. Of course close to my heart being a New Jersey girl. Depending on the region, hot dogs can be dressed with mustard, relish (never ketsup!). Personal favorite taste memory is the deep fried “Ripper” with cracked casings from Rutt’s Hutt.



Originating in Quebec and becoming popular all over Canada, this hot mess of potatoes, gravy, cheese curds has been served at all kinds of greasy spoon diners. Canadian brides and grooms love introducing this great late night snack. For an upscale version check this out in Brooklyn at Mile End.


Hakka Ball in Scallion Naan

We might have made this snack up but our Indian vegetarian clients love this
paneer Indo Manchurian treat wrapped in scallion naan.


Deli Layers

Who hasn’t experienced a craving for a late night deli sandwich? Everyone remembers their own version from college late night. Translated to a wedding, we are happy to customize based on fave meats (Italian? American?).


Pasta and Meat Balls

Italian food cravings are universal. Sometimes guests enjoy a cap off
of carbo loading after a night of wedding carousing.


Pizza and Beer

Regional beers, loved at college or on a trip together, can be the personal touch
that sends guests off right at the end of the evening.


Donuts on a Stick

Who doesn’t remember milk and sweets from Mom.
We did a bit of upscaling but we’re still dunking the old fashion way.