Food on the Move, Trolley Please

The idea of a trolley, rolling to wherever you are, started with tea and is modernized by Entertaining Company for all treats, large and small. As it wheels around the room, the sense of anticipation is heightened and every social occasion is a bit more fun. The trolley is a most civilized piece of party furniture!

We love the idea of food magically transported to a guest location~ after all~ sometimes the conversation is so much fun that breaking to get up would interrupt the flow. And flow is what we LOVE, most of all.

At weddings we are often providing the best of both worlds, an option for different kinds of food and the ultimate in selection, coupled with the luxury of staying seated. No buffets here!

Sometimes it might be afternoon tea as we once provided a lovely Raj tea for a Gujarati family post ceremony. We served all vegetarian bite size tea treats, presented on three tier stands and wheeled to the guest dining tables via tea cart,  of Gruyere Cheese with Bengal Club Chutney (Apples, Sugar, Raisins, Mustard Seed, Garlic and Cayenne), Individual Mango Matchstick Salads in Endive Leaves, Chimichurri Marinated Paneer Bruschetta, and Kheer Shooters.

At a wedding conference where the bride wanted the “choice” of buffet with her Mom who wanted the elegance of the seated dinner, the trolley also seemed like a great solution.


From a historical perspective, the tea trolley was introduced during World War 11 when it was actually introduced to boost the morale of those involved in the war effort. “

“Tea Ladies” directed the trolleys bearing urns of tea and biscuits to workers at 11:00 and3:00. A “tea break” at offices seemed like a sociable way to break up the day.

We do enjoy an elegant trolley all kitted out for a Springtime Shower with his and hers cocktails as well as finger foods.


We rent the trolleys for our clients or use theirs. Whatever works, we’re coming to you with food. More mobile food inspiration can be found on our Pinterest Page.


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