Color My Plate

We’re into a cold March in Chicago now and between dressing warm layers, the shades of grey skies and dirty snow, we’re craving a pop of color on our plates (at least). If we can’t find color in nature, outside, for the time being, we’re finding the eye candy we need in layers of exciting vegetables that are literally replacing beef in the center of our plate.

We know that in addition to the pure aesthetics, vividly colored vegetables are shown to have health benefits from reducing risk of heart disease to stroke.

We’re enthralled with the beauty, health and overall deliciousness of these vegetable stunners we’ve been enjoying at our Entertaining Company client tastings these past few weeks:

A 3486 Colorful-Menu-Plate-Catering-Chicago_0449 Colorful-Menu-Plate-Catering-Chicago_0450 Colorful-Menu-Plate-Catering-Chicago_0451 Colorful-Menu-Plate-Catering-Chicago_0452 Colorful-Menu-Plate-Catering-Chicago_0453 Colorful-Menu-Plate-Catering-Chicago_0454