Notes on the Amalfi Coast

Amalfi.  Positano. Naples.

“gentle waves, sun warmed sea, boat hidden beauty”

So so so much divine eye candy.

But, beauty and setting and dreams of relaxing with my family quickly fall away when my true obsession rears its head.  Who can relax when I am wondering where Chef Shawn and I are going to find our authentic Amalfi food inspiration???

Here’s where I’m looking, and finding A LOT to dazzle my senses…whether you’re living vicariously from your favorite arm chair, or your bags are packed and you’re on your way…there’s a lot to get excited about.  I’ve been taking notes in my travel diary for days.  Here’s what I am furiously scribbling about.

Foodie notes recommendations by the Chef Instructor at the Italian Culinary Academy at the International Culinary
Center as written in Saveur?  Check.

How to contact”Marisa Cuomo” Vineyard for cooking classes and local cheese and jam experience.

A local writer’s “take” on living the Amalfi Coast…I love to know what the locals know!

Recipe notes and inspiration featuring Amalfi citrus. Found.

Amalfi Markets from food to clothing to flea and everything in between.

Two Star Michelin restaurant…Chef Shawn and I will need to make our reservations and check it out.

Traveler Notes by one of my design faves: Sibella Court.

If we need to stop eating and go shopping.

Vino Rosso? Bianco? Subito! Here’s where we’re schooling ourselves on options.

What’s the weather? Vineyard day or cooking at villa? Here’s where we’re

Traveling by….boats, scooters, taxis and/or limos?  Getting from point A to B on
our eating adventure..

How to say bon voyage in Italian: buon viaggio!