Introducing: Wendy’s Wanderlust Dreams

Twice a year, in cities like Milan and New York, fashion designers identify a muse, a nuance, a moment in history…something that anchors the look and feel of what they will be sending down the runway in the Fall and Spring of that year. Among my favorite movies on the topic is Issac Mizrahi’s pop-culture debut, UnZipped.  A documentary where he bases his entire line for the fall of 1995 on the movie Nanook of the North. Ha!

Laugh I do…mostly because if I were confined to choosing two inspirations a year – I would shrivel up! That is the true beauty of the catering and event business.  Every day offers an opportunity to find inspiration….I actually keep a library in my home of my inspiration note books…almost a diary/collage of where I have been and what I have seen that enchanted me.

my inspiration library….notebooks full of things that I love!

Today, I am launching a new section of our web site that showcases the dream menus that I come up with as I indulge myself in my global/nomadic ways.  If I go to a museum and marvel at a Monet, I realize as I fall asleep that night that I am dreaming of tiny, bite-sized potato “haystack” hors d’oeuvres filled with creme fraiche and caviar. If I take a ride in a rickshaw in Varanasi, suddenly I am finding that I am thinking about hand-held cones of chaat.  Everything I do finds its way into my work.

Our collections give our guests and clients a glimpse of where inspiration comes from for our customized menus.  Our process for each of these unique menus starts with the creation of a trend-based “portfolio” filled with examples of colors, textiles, architecture, photos of landscapes or blogs that represent the inspiration. We use these seasonal “portfolios”  to guide our clients in their culinary event planning…and give them a map as to where our heads are at as we design their one-of-a-kind-event.

So…without further ado, check out what’s been inspiring me this summer!  Click on the links below or visit the site!

Urban “New Next” Crowd

Gold Coast Rooftop Collection

Country Enthusiasts

One Worlders