Entertaining with the Girls…at Home and Casual.

Everyone loves a party but sometimes for a get together that’s a bit more intimate, memorable and special we’d like to just go over to a girlfriends house, get snuggly and have the best food ever. Take it out of the stuffy venue, far away from the private room at the restaurant or club and back into your best girl friend’s house. And why not?

Let’s say 20 of your best friends and a no stress evening from start to finish.  Sounds fun, no!?

Trend Alert!

The “girlfriend at home” entertaining theme is catching on in Chicago if my datebook is representative.

From the personal invites to the hand-calligraphied menus, tabletop elegance or something a bit madcap, with mismatched china (yours) and all the service and food by Entertaining Company, comfort and decadence without the effort.  I’m there.

I am abuzz with these get togethers in January..are you invited? are you hosting? Why not call Entertaining Company and get the ball rolling!?  Menus range from “simply the best”  bistro presentations of three tier compotiers stacked with cold lobster in the shell, jumbo shrimp, and oysters with second course of mezzaluna pasta and black truffles with a Continental- style third course of light salad, followed by finger food sweets.


Don’t hold the champagne and bring some more over here, please.

Then there’s the more “comfort-style” gathering, featuring everyone’s guilty pleasures. An indulgent menu of wagu sliders with frites and 3″ hot dogs, sushi, hand-held salads: caprese skewers and Caesar and a deeply satisfying banana cake, caramel sauce and cups of chocolate mousse with fresh whipped cream.

Entertaining should be, simply put, entertaining. Above all, the goal to a successful party isn’t all about the planning. The stress of planning should be “invisible” and done by someone else…It’s the conversation, the laughter and the cozy intimacy and decadence of entertaining at home…no one tells any secrets.


Here’s the recipe in four easy steps:

Step One: Consider your style: sophisticated, low key, casual, epic, somewhere in between

Step Two: Call Entertaining Company 312-829-2800, we’ll assign a consultant.

Step Three:We’ll fill in the blanks with serving style options, menu ideas, menu cards, signature culinary cocktails, timelines and tabletop suggestions

Step Four: Relax and enjoy your party worth staying home for…..