I Jumped Out of a Plane Yesterday.

…which even to me, feels surprising.  But then again, the truth is that I guess that I jump out of a plane every day.  That’s what it’s like to be a small business owner.  Every day, there are moments of nervousness, exhilaration and relief as the parachute snaps into place behind me.

It was a breezy, balmy early summer day as we pulled up to the tarmac, and I was nervous.  I often feel nervous.  Before a big pitch or before a big event that we’ve spent months planning…jitters are the norm.  But, I never have hesitated to follow through.  Being an entrepreneur is all about knowing that even though you’re nervous, you’re going to plow through nevertheless.  So, as the plane climbed into the sky, there were no second thoughts for me.  I was going to jump.  I always do, after all.

I am an entrepreneur. I always jump.

The reason why I was so willing to jump yesterday is because I knew that I had a parachute that worked, and a back-up plan on the very off chance that it didn’t. (Said back up plan was a very cute, very enthusiastic, professional skydiver strapped to my back to guide me safely to the ground.) All systems go.

This is the same as a day at Entertaining Company.  I have an amazing, gifted team that supports me and the work that we do for our clients.  We plan, we practice, we double-check our gear and we prepare a fail-safe back-up plan.  Just in case.

We book the event. We are committed to getting on the plane with the client. As the date becomes closer, we are meticulously plotting the operations that it will take to “make the jump” and execute the event. Jitters and excitement build as the staff gets selected to perform the event, Chef Shawn prepares the “to do” lists for culinary staff, support vendors are lined up.

Operations is making sure that all details and supplies are covered, checked and checked again. The Executive Chef and the sales person better be in perfect sync. Everything we do here at Entertaining Company is customized and the goal is consistency between what was promised and what shows up. The sales person started the flight and the chef will pick up seamlessly.  Where are the pictures from the tasting – we want to deliver the exact same thing. Three guests are Gluten Free. Don’t forget the Gluten Free croutons and please leave off the cheese for the lactose-intolerant sister-of-the-bride. Small barely-perceived details are going to make or break our landing.

But, because we’ve all worked so hard to get to this moment.  Because we’ve so carefully planned and relied on one another, the moment that the event begins and we “jump out of the plane,” we really begin to enjoy ourselves.  We’re flying high. Totally over-the-top exhilaration and frankly, the most amazing feeling in the world!

Thumbs up!