Tattoo you?

Tattoo-CakeTattoos are ubiquitous~everywhere.  But what’s fabulous about tattoos is their individuality. Even if they are a big trend right now, every tattoo is different and a perfect reflection of its owner.

If I had the photographic computer skills I would make a collage of the cover of Girl with The Dragon Tattoo, all the recent Bar Mitzvah kids with their arms temporarily tattooed, the waiters at Kuma’s, and the Tattoo Cake just ran across.

Tattoos are colorful, creative, artistic, and tell a story.  They are the total embodiment of an Entertaining Company fete. Whether it relates to event entertainment, entertainment in general, food, tattoos are the news for the under 30 party going contingent. Tattoos  are part of the story for an exciting event that is NOW.