Elevated Autumn Cocktails (We Can’t Live Without)

Fall mixology – music to our ears. Fall is so exciting because it’s all possibility – new palates, flavors and hues, zinging the senses after a hot, long summer. And when you apply all that creative magic (and research) to cocktails, well – let’s just say, the Pinterest boards are buzzing. 

We’re revamping our cocktail menus, curating based on our favorite Pantone colors, local fruits, and delicious flavors. 

Cocktails are an excellent way to express your personality and add dimensionality to your event – big or small – and there are a few recipes we’re particularly obsessed with. 

Three cocktails below, via Sugar & Cloth, EyeSwoon, and How Sweet Eats. Change out ingredients, garnishes and glassware as you see fit — it’s all about your mood. 

Cocktail #1 –  Spiced Persimmon Bourbon 

EyeSwoon is a favorite resource – everything that foodie, stylist and cookbook creator Athena Calderone (author of Cook Beautiful) puts together is hyper intentional and photogenic. 

This recipe combines fresh persimmon juice, shaken bitters and bourbon, and zesty lemon into a delicious and elegant coup cocktail. 

Recipe here.

Cocktail #2 – Autumn Fig Sangria

We love sangria, and really who doesn’t? This cocktail – an Autumn Fig Sangria – provides a sophisticated take on the big batch cocktail, perfect for your next small dinner party or work Happy Hour (yes we cater those!). 

Best when served in a cut crystal pitcher, but your favorite carafe will also do. 

 Recipe here.

Cocktail #3 – Pomegranate Prosecco Spritz 

Pomegranate is gorgeous – the deep fuchsia color – and we love the secret seeds and surprising rich flavor of the juice. This cocktail is a holiday (or early Fall!) rockstar – with rosemary sprigs, fizzing Prosecco and a lovely diluted color. 

Bottoms up and recipe here.