Hut! Our Offensive Play for Game Day Catering

Goal! Home run? Touchdown? That’s the one. We’re not always totally up to speed on sports, but we’re always up to host a party—and The Big Game (wink, wink) is the perfect excuse! Here in Chicago, it’s FAR too cold to barbeque or gather the neighbors in the backyard, and we’re over the typical bro-casual game parties anyway. Why not elevate our first real party of the year? Game day catering, 5-star football food.

East Coast Classic v. West Coast Swag

When thinking about your menu, come at it from both sides of the field. Let’s say, for instance, we’ve got a classic East/West duel. Party food can represent both regional cuisines. Think East Coast classics like mini New England lobster rolls, mini crab cakes, and even bagels and lox. For a quintessentially East Coast twist on a game day snacking staple, seafood nachos are experimental and tasty! For drinks, you’ve just GOTTA have a good beer selection—this is, of course, glorified tailgating, right? What about one of America’s oldest breweries, Yuengling? Sam Adams is also easy to find and almost universally enjoyed. Brooklyn Brewery is a great option for a hip crowd, too. Dessert time. Ice cream sandwiches are so LIII—rep your team with ice cream filled cannolis, eh?

Now, for the opposition. “West Coast food” is a broad term and could be interpreted in the form of several cuisine styles. We love SoCal-style Mexican with a fresh and healthy twist. Nachos in avocado crema instead of melted cheese, meatless soft tacos topped in heaps of fresh cilantro and FRESH, chunky tomato salsa with chips. Then, Instead of traditional buffalo wings, why not hot cauliflower wings? Same spicy flavor, more veg in the game day diet! The key is to fry the battered wings in the same way you would fry chicken—skip the oven-baking if you want a nice crunchy crust. If you leaned into the Tex-Mex vibe, pair your football feast with Corona, Dos Equis and Pacífico.

Eating Seasonally

Throwing a killer party in January is one thing, but throwing a killer winter party with seasonal ingredients is next-level. Chicagoland doesn’t have much in terms of seasonal produce, but sprouts, shallots and mushrooms are always available in the winter—all are easy little additions to a big buffet salad! Sweet potatoes are also winter staples and great for fries, tots and more! For more seasonal inspo, check out our 2019 fall/winter menu here.