March Madness

A lot of prep goes into getting our team, menus and food ready for the busy summer season. There’s a bit of “madness” to it all that really excites us. Although our kind of March Madness doesn’t involve any basketball teams, it sure does take an elite team to keep everything going around here!

New Menus + Fresh Produce

This time of year, one of the top things on our to-do list is to come up with new menu items that are created using seasonally fresh ingredients that are also global, vibrant and delicious. We followed along with our Executive Chef, Matt DuBois, to the new Korean Market downtown, HMart. Chef Matt was on a mission to find fresh seafood, new seasonings and sauces for preparing our meats . He was also interested in discovering  unique vegetables for our meatless entrees. The HMart is its own kind of madness but we could spend hours there exploring every aisle gathering not only Korean cuisine inspiration but coming up with new ways to use these ingredients. Chef left the market with a few different soy sauces to play with, kelp to add into our house-made stocks and spring soups, organic misos and a few other goodies that will be making their way into a dish soon.

Our marketing team and senior sales consultants worked closely with our Creative Culinary Director, Shawn Doolin, to develop new seasonal menus that we think you will all love. No event should be identical which is why we are constantly adding new options for our clients to select from. Constantly mixing things up keeps our job exciting as well! Currently, we are phasing out our winter menus and beginning to incorporate Spring flavors as things become in season. We hate to wish away time because it flies by, but we cannot wait for warm weather to stick around and for more goodies to be in season. Spring produce we look forward to using more of include rhubarb, apricots, arugula, the ever so trendy cauliflower, and turnips. From cocktails to desserts, you’ll see these flavors popping up throughout our featured menus.

Stay tuned for our new Spring corporate drop off and small party menus to be showcased on our website within the next few weeks! In the meantime, click here to view our current drop off menus.