Tacos All Day!

Tuesdays aren’t the only day we eat tacos. In fact, we’re dedicated to eating tacos all day ever day! Which is why we are sharing a few of our favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner and late-night snack tacos. Weather you’re hosting a taco Tuesday event at your home with friends and family or surprising your co-workers with a fun filled day of tacos, these are going to be perfect additions to any menu.

What’s more motivating to get up in the morning than a savory breakfast taco? Maybe the smell of a giant cup of coffee but that’s about it. Our Culinary Director has created this packed with protein Paneer Taco. Layered with eggs, crispy pancetta and sautéed greens. We guarantee it’ll be the perfect way to start out your day. Pair your breakfast tacos with a tall glass of 100% orange juice or your favorite coffee concoction. You’ll be a morning person with this on the AM menu.

Eating a lunch that’s light but still filling and energizing is key. It’s the meal that is supposed to help you power through the rest of your day. So, we created this refreshing Seafood Taco. A tortilla shell filled with grilled shrimp, slices of sea bass, shaved fennel garnished with pickled onions and fresh dill. Lots of protein and lots of cravable flavors. What more could you want?

After a long day of work, school or running the kids around, dinner should be something to look forward to. We believe that nothing is more rewarding than a plate of spicy Beef Tacos. Topped with crunch slaw for some added texture and shaved ricotta to finish it all off. Served these with a cold Corona or a generous glass of wine. You’ve earned it.

Have a case of the late-night munchies? Need a little something after a night out before heading to bed? Look no further than these Chiles Relleno inspired tacos. Anything with fried cheese is a major bonus in our book. Filled with sautéed mushrooms, seasoned kale and melted oxaca cheese.   These are also great vegetarian options to incorporate throughout your day of tacos.

Remember, the only bad taco is the taco you didn’t eat.

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