EC Welcomes New Creative Members

We kicked off the new year by welcoming two wildly creative individuals to our EC Family. We are excited to introduce you to our executive chef, Matt DeBois. Chef Matt joins our kitchen staff with a lot of experience and a new eye for elevating our dishes. Moriah Greenhill is the newest member to our Sales +Event Producers team. Her background is in sales and interior design making her a great fit for Entertaining Company.

Moriah is the outdoorsy girl we all wish we could be! Never turning down an excuse to get outside and adventure somewhere new. Her care free attitude makes her a perfect asset to our Event Producing team. And her interior design background allows her to get creative with every menu she writes. Moriah loves the complexity of events and gets excited to work on something new each day. Learn more about Moriah here.

Originating from Michigan, Chef Matt DeBois has traveled all over the States cooking and experimenting with new ways to elevate his dishes. After finishing school at the Art Institute of Seattle and then earning his Culinary Degree from Kendall, Chef Matt has worked for Crofton on Wells, El Ideas and helped open the doors at Band of Bohemia. Stepping out of the restaurant world and into catering is something that DeBois says really excites him. We are thrilled to have such an artistic Chef join our EC Family! Read more about Matt here.