Detox For The New Year

For a lot of people, the new year means healthy new years resolutions. Although it may seem cliche, we are total on board with sticking to a healthier lifestyle in 2018. One our favorite go-to ways to add a little extra green health into our lives in juices. Cold pressed, no sugar added juices that make you feel good from the inside out. There are so many fantastic juiceries around Chicago and our staff have a few of their favorites to share.

Julie Fitzgerald, our General Manager committed to a three day juice cleanse designed by Harvest Juicery. We still don’t know how she successfully cut out food for those three days but Julie says she looks forward to doing it all over again within the next few months. A few of her favorite juices from Harvest Juicery include the Green Juice No. 1 which is a blend of kale, spinach, cucumbers, turnip greens, fresh pear and lime juice. Her second favorite is the carrot, apple and ginger juice. Both are great for boosting your immune system during the cold winter months and promoting a healthy digestive system after weekends of indulging.

Another staff favorite is REAL GOOD Juice Co. With fun names for all of their juices and smoothies, the vibe of this company gets you excited about drinking healthy concoctions. A few of our favorite juices include the Juice Pak Shakur and the Whitney Juice-Ton. Read more of their menu items here. They are also known for their delicious and refreshing smoothie bowls. Packed with plant based proteins, and seasonally fresh fruits and vegetables. REAL GOOD also offers juice cleanses that incorporate their homemade soups full of all natural ingredients.

Last up on our juicery spotlight is True Juice. Located in Winnetka, this company has five carefully curated cleanses that are geared towards every healthful goal you have set for the new year. One of our favorite juices from True Juice is called Second City. It combines a really great balance of both fruit and veggies that will leave you feeling light and refreshed. They also have 14+ freshly made to order smoothies that. Our go-to is the Cinnamon Toast Crunch, you’d never know it was packed full of healthy benefits. Yes Please!

Not feeling like making the trek out into the cold? Make a few of the juices listed on these menus at home! Or come up with your own healthful blends and share them with us. #ECGetsJuicey

Cheers to a healthy 2018!
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