Happy Chanukah!

We’re excited about celebrating Chanukah this week! We always look forward to this Jewish eight-day, wintertime “festival of lights,” celebrated with a nightly menorah lighting, special prayers and fried foods. Since the Chanukah miracle involved the miracle of the burning oil lamps in the ancient Holy Temple in Jerusalem, it is customary to eat holiday foods fried in oil.  Many of the Hanukkah dinners we serve at Entertaining Company feature crispy fried potato latke (pancakes) garnished with applesauce or sour cream as well as Chanukah jelly donuts called Sufganiyot.  

This year, Chanukah begins on the evening of December 12 and ends December 20. That’s a whole eight days to eat the best of seasonal vegetables, traditional foods, as well as a few guilty fried pleasures!  Here’s a classic menu that Entertaining Company is offering for a Family Chanukah Dinner~ We hope you have a chance to celebrate with your family, family of choice, and friends this holiday season! Enjoy!

Below is a drafted menu for some inspiration! Start with a few non-traditional flavors and stick to the basics for your dinner. Chanukah dinner isn’t complete without crispy potato pancakes, savory beef brisket paired with sweet noodle kugel. Jelly donuts have a significant meaning in the Chanukah celebration so it only makes sense to conclude a beautiful family dinner with cravable sweet treats!

To Start

Warm Butternut Apple Squash Soup Sips
Warm Wild Mushroom & Gruyere Cheese Puff
truffle aioli
Crispy Potato Pancakes
Handmade Apple Sauce and Sour Cream


Family Chanukah Dinner

Beef Brisket
First cut, caramelized onions and carrots and natural gravy
Brined and Grilled Chicken Breast
lemon, rosemary, parsley, oregano, thyme, olive oil
charred lemon wheel garnish
lemon sauce
Grilled Seasonal Vegetables
eggplant, squash, zucchini, sweet bell peppers,
asparagus and heirloom carrots
Lokshen Kugel (Sweet Noodle Kugel)
cinnamon, tart apples, citrus zest and plump raisins
Handmade GF rolls, Salted Pretzel Rolls and Israeli Style Flatbreads


To End With

Chanukah Donuts
Assorted Mini Cupcakes