Keeping Warm All Winter Long

Winters in the Midwest always make us cherish the warm summer months. Although giant puffy coats and waterproof snow boots help get us through the bitter cold days. We also like to heat things up in the kitchen and at the bar with warming cocktails and steaming hot food.

Nothing keeps you warm from the inside out like sipping on a glass of dark and oaky malt whiskey. At the end of November, we catered a wedding at the Harold Washington Library. The bride and groom insisted on having a rolling cart of whiskey. It was a huge hit! Each glass was garnished with a dark chocolate truffle making this a perfect “night cap” for an event on a cold winter night.

Winter is soup season! There’s nothing better than cuddling up on a cold winter night with your favorite home made soup. Whether you’re serving mini soup sips at a party or serving it up in the biggest bowl you can find. It’s definitely a winter menu staple. Pictured below is our creamy tomato soup sip paired with a mini grilled cheese toast. And our ever so popular warm butternut squash soup with a dehydrated apple crisp garnish. Both are great all winter long.


Complex carbs like potatoes, farro and lentils are really high in fiber and require more energy from the body to break them down. Which naturally warms our bodies from the inside out. So next time you’re at the grocery store, stock up on your favorite whole grains and start getting creative in the kitchen before making your way outdoors. A few of our favorite dishes include lentil soup. A winter farro salad. Savory whole grain pasta dishes with homemade sauce. The list of delicious meals could go on. Who doesn’t love a good reason to load up on carbs?!

Happy winter Chicago!

Entertaining Company