Modern Indian Celebrations at Greenhouse Loft

It’s 2017 and the word “traditional” has almost left the event industry completely. Entertaining Company strives to promote inclusiveness, sustainability and push the envelope in every way. We enjoy partnering with venues that have the same values. Recently, Entertaining Company teamed up with Greenhouse Loft to create and promote beautiful, sustainable Modern Indian Celebrations. The space at Greenhouse Loft offers so much natural light, a gorgeous outdoor space and a blank canvas indoors for whatever color scheme our clients have in mind. Greenhouse Loft holds up to 200 guests and provides all tables, chairs and lounge groupings.

 We consider Greenhouse Loft perfect for a more intimate Indian fusion wedding, a baby shower, 1st birthday party, graduation party or Sangheet. The possibilities are endless. Every event is handled with a green practice in mind. Edible centerpieces, energy saving lights, the use of Soy Based candles, and a composting program. Just a few ways EC teams up with Greenhouse Loft to provide excellence in South Asian food along with a modern sensibility of sustainability.

We have traveled all over South Asia gaining experiences in and out of the kitchen that have helped us better understand the Indian culture and taste firsthand. Our chefs enjoy using the authentic regional spices and yet, we understand that in a fusion concept. Not everyone is accustomed to the same heat level. We also know there are many regional variations in spices and that not all South Asians want hot hot hot food either! One of our favorite things about Chicago is how multi-cultural our neighborhoods are and we celebrate the diversity. We are thrilled to be able to share our love of the culture through global menus that marry cultures and include everyone in the celebration.

From serving a variety of mini desserts instead of wedding cake to combining two cultural cuisines into one magnificent meal, Entertaining Company excels in creating a multi-cultural menu that satisfies even the most traditional family member! Indian Hors d’oeuvres, Buffet, Family Style,  or seated plated Western Style Service with South Asian Cuisine are just some of the ways we blend the traditional and modern. We also offer Halal meat and Kosher Style too for the ultimate in fusion!

Since 2001, Entertaining Company has been catering Modern Indian Celebrations all over Chicago. We find these celebrations to be a fusion of energy, color, love, humility and spirit of traditional family culture mingled with contemporary sensibilities. These soulful affairs captivate guests by embracing the beautiful, colorful and opulent tendencies of Indian culture while also holding up the simple joys of family, love, devotion and humility.

Reach out to us today at with any questions you have about booking your next Modern Indian celebration at Greenhouse Loft.

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