Summer Avocado Menu

We took on the task of creating a fresh, summer meal that incorporated avocado in every course. From the cocktail to dessert, avocado played a part in the make up of the dishes and we’re slightly obsessed with how everything turned out! Our Creative Culinary Director, Shawn Doolin, did some research and came up with a five course, avocado based, meal that we can’t wait to add to your summer event menus.

The first recipe came from our Beverage Manager, Tom Sierra. He created what he likes to call a “Guac-Tini” – try it before you judge! Green cocktails are always a hard sell but this savory martini is a great summer cocktail that will have your guests asking for the recipe:

1 spoon Avocado

¾ oz chipotle simple syrup

¾ oz fresh lemon juice

1 oz fresh pineapple juice

1.5 oz tequila (or your liquor of choice)

Garnished with an avocado truffle

Gluten free and full of vegetables, what’s not to love?! The second item on our avocado menu are these avocado and mixed veggie sliders. Layers of watermelon radish, sprouts, sliced cucumbers, heirloom tomatoes and a pile of avocado, wedged between our house-made gluten free cheese bread buns are going to be a favorite this season. Whether you’re throwing a party poolside and want to snack on something guilt free, celebrating a girlfriend’s new engagement or hosting an event with a lot of guests with dietary restrictions. These are a great item to add to your menu.

There is nothing better than freshly baked breads. Pre-set on all table is a bread basket you’ll give into carbs for! We make all of our own breads in house. From pretzel rolls to our iconic pumpkin seed lavosh nothing is ever frozen or store bought. To incorporate avocado into this part of the meal, chef created an avocado butter spread that graced our breads beautifully!

Following the beautiful assorted breads is the avocado entree with a twist. A savory avocado cheesecake paired with a fresh, seasonal vegetable salad. The cheesecake is molded with an unsweetened layer of graham cracker to give the smoothness of the avocado a little crunch. Chef then garnished it with a watermelon radish ruffle making this a picture perfect, vegetarian entree.

We hope you saved room for dessert! This avocado panna cotta is the perfect healthy ending to a delicious meal. Creamy avocado layers whipped with honey and garnished with a vibrant edible flower to tie in our “Summer Garden Theme” we’ve been aiming for.  The drizzle of honey on top makes for a sweet first bite that leads into an enjoyable final course.

Equipment by:
Square Plates, Butter Spreaders, Panna Cotta Jars: Tablescapes Event Rental
Wood Board, Black Plate, Bread Basket, Martini Glass: The Storied Table