Artful Food

Food is its own kind of incredible art and our chefs are some of the best food artists we know! Our owner, Wendy Pashman, gave them the task of creating new salad options that were picture worthy and out of the ordinary enough that guests at our next EC Events would be truly blown away. Not only the presentation but the flavor profiles as well. Which is what we are all about! Together, the chefs designed five new salads that we are excited to offer for events of all sizes.

The first salad is what we consider to be perfect for a brunch. It has layers of blood oranges, shaved fennel, black olives with a light vinaigrette leaving your guests excited about what’s being served next. We decided to show it in a martini glass to showcase the layers and allow you to eat with your eyes. Giving you an idea of how it could be served at the next brunch you host!

Fresh lobster and juicy mango slices were used to create our second salad. And we think it’s going to be gracing a lot of menus this summer season. A small cluster of vibrant red caviar gives a great mix in the textures as well as a fun pop of color that completes the entire plate presentation.

The third salad is a Beetroot Thoran Salad which is full of bold textures and unbelievable flavors! Garnished with shaved coconut and a dollop of yogurt foam creating a great first bite. Candid chilis are also sprinkled in to add a little spice to the earthy flavors of fresh beets. Yes, please!

This asparagus dish is another great addition to any menu. Especially if you’re looking for something different. Steamed asparagus presented over a bed of farro. Accompanied by a poached egg garnished with edible flowers. An absolute show stopper! We think this would be great as a first course or a brunch salad options that’s both light and beautiful.

Lastly is this beautiful creation that blends the flavors of a fresh avocado salad with ribbons of watermelon radish and cucumber. The chef used a charred tortilla vinaigrette and garnished the plate with edible flowers.

Whether it’s an annual corporate gala or a family wedding, we are so thrilled to continue giving our clients new and exciting options for their events because wowing your guests is what it is all about! Contact us today so we can start curating a menu perfect for you